Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here is my latest painting. It is quite large and done on canvas. I want to take the time to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. My Father had a toast he liked to say it was HHS. Health, Happiness and Success! This is what I wish for all of you and your families. I'm not doing anything special for new years eve this year as staying home and being warm appeals to me.It is my Son's birthday and I have made him a Wacky Cake for his day for many years. My Mother-in-law also made my ex one of his Birthday so I have tried to carry on the tradition. They are yummy and egg-less, I think a depression cake. Many parties later I find myself ready to face the new year with hope and optimism. I have signed on to show some of my art at a new gallery in town. I will show my work for the month of February. So wish me luck and I will charge ahead, unafraid of rejection and failure. Failure eek...I hate that word. I will take it out of my vocabulary...its cold here....don't like the cold my Cat won't leave me alone she uses me as a electric blanket....and when I try to paint she puts her tail in the paint....silly cat...have a good one love to all......

Monday, December 13, 2010


IF's prompt this week is Phenomenon. I had always thought Love was just that. But Mother love is truly a wonderful Phenomenon! I remember back in my design class at school our teacher did mostly lecturing and mentioned that there was no other love like a Mother has for her child. I was 18 and I thought at the time I was truly "in love" with my boyfriend and pushed aside his words as just silly, how could I be more in love? Well a few years later I found out just what he was talking about! When my Daughter was born I was head over heals, Mother animal protector love for her. From the moment I saw her and held her in my arms I was a goner. Nothing was ever, if I could help it hurt her or make her unhappy. Well that was silly, we need some emotions in our life and disappointment and some unhappiness make us better people. She is now a grown woman and I still crazy in Love with her and her brother, born a few years later. It is indescribable and will always be the most wonderful part of my life. I enjoy the time I have here on this Earth and try to make the best of all things that happen to me and my family. Ups and downs I find the love I feel for my Daughter and my Son and now my Grand kids indescribable. Of course I do Love my Mother and Sister and nieces but it is different! I don't have to explain it to anyone that has Children or to Fathers that feel the same way but I can't speak for those special Men. So I keep that love in my back pocket as I travel this journey. It gives me roots and a warm feeling deep in my soul. So here's HUGS all around and especially to those that haven't yet experienced that ultimate LOVE....yes it is true my teacher was right!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Here is my newest post for Illustration Friday. Prehistoric is the topic and I designed this little dinosaur with bright and beautiful colors. He is an up to date animal even though he is a dinosaur. That is what I try to be as I age. Up to date, sometimes it is hard when aches and pains hit and you would rather stay home and draw than attend a function. I sometimes feel been there done that is my answer but then I have to remember that it is new to my Grand kids and they deserve a Grandmother that is fun and eager to do things with them. That is when I feel ashamed and grouchy.So like this little Dinosaur I will be colorful and fun and smile even when I am dreaming of my comfy bed waiting for me. I know that isn't being in the moment and enjoying everything the best I can....But sometime I can even be tired and sometimes I can wish to remain home. But I try to not do it to many times as if they get used to me not being with them they won't care! So as the Holiday festivities start I will put on my best mood and stop and remember how fast life goes by. And remember that it just seemed like yesterday that my kids were little and I was doing the same thing. I will will also be thankful that I can attend these things and really, really be happy for these little moments in time as THEY really do past by FAST!

Friday, November 26, 2010

This bear couple are enjoying themselves as they dance just the two of them alone in the moonlight! I was in Jamaica many years ago after my marriage of many years fell apart. My Mother took my Sister and I and my Sister's future husband for a short vacation. I spent time while there with the hotels diving instructor and hanging with the locals. I vividly remember one night at a local bar the reggae music was playing, and rum and coke was being served in small old fashioned coke bottles with bowls of ice on the table. Sorta of a do it yourself drink. There were mosquito coils burning under the tables and the air was sweet with the sent of flowers. I was dancing with no one in particular as reggae doesn't require a partner and for one, just one small second I thought "I could stay here and not go home". Of course my children and family were home but home as I knew it was no longer there. I savored every moment and tried to remember how it felt just at that moment. I sometimes go back to that time and make black beans and rice, drink rum and coke and think about that cute diving instructor in his leopard speedo's. What a vacation, what a time I had. It wasn't my last great time and I know it won't be my last as when you savour the moment whatever is happening you can remember it over and over. I'm Savouring my Thanksgiving and laughing at some of the moments my family and I laughed until I thought I was going to cry. My 16 year old niece is a good subject to tease and takes all most all of it with a smile and a laugh. It takes a good person to laugh right along when being teased. I like to think we are helping her to be able to deal with all the creeps of the world and in case it ever happens for real she will be able to snap back and go on without crumbling. As their are mean people everywhere. Turkey leftovers are on the menu, I wonder how they go with black beans and rice, and just where did I put that Rum and coke. Please excuse me I have to go..........

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving....

Sneaky snake is eyeing Shena Queen of the Jungle's Mango she has picked for lunch. He has slithered up the tree and is contemplating how to take a BIG bite out of the fruit. Perhaps he will take it all, who knows?..... It is Wednesday and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Our group has gotten quite small and it will be different from usual. We have always had our family and a few others that need a place to hang their hat for the day. But I guess that is good that all are planing their days and don't need to be here. I feel the empty Holiday nest coming on and I'm sure I will miss the confusion and noise. But why miss it? I will try my best to keep up the tradition and be rowdy and busy and eat until I hurt. Mother is seeing better, my kids are well and my Sister and her Daughter will be with me. I think we can fill the bill and celebrate all we have to be thankful for...... I'm still redoing my workspace and finding it hard to relocate all of my Stuff. Just not enough room, it has been fun like seeing old friends when I open a basket and find things I have forgotten about. So have a warm and safe day and I hope you have alot to be thankful for, I DO.....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Surgery was a success!

I just wanted to let those who were so nice to comment on my Mother's eye surgery that she did fine. She was a bit confused as she is always, but came through with flying color.s Off to the Doctors for a follow up visit and then she can take it easy for a while. Glasses are next and then I have done all I can to make her site better. She used to paint and draw but hasn't for some time. I hope now that she can see better she will be inspired to get back into creating. It is hard for her as most of her friends have passed away. And she was never a self starter so it is harder than ever to get her inspired. I totally understand as many days I have to talk myself into doing some things. Mostly housework...that is a dirty word as far as I'm concerned! I start to do things but then I glance at my workspace and geeee why not, I can take some time to create something, it won't take long....tee hee and you know the rest! I now have IF topic Sneaky in my head so no time for housework....always something, kinda like loosing weight....I don't think about it until I need to swim or hot tub it.....not a pretty site. But in the long run I'm just glad all my parts are working and I'm thankful everyday for them fat or not!!!! Have a great weekend sucess

Monday, November 15, 2010

IF Burning

We all think we can burn the candles at both ends when were are younger and we were probably right! But now as I age a bit my candle needs to be lite on one end for fear I will catch on fire. Tee hee.....We start this week with kids still not wanting to go to school and Doctors appointments for my Mother with cataract surgery on Thursday. It will be her last and the last chance to see better. She is a bit confused so I'm not sure weather she really knows how much better she can see or not. But we had nothing to loose with the process so why not? Feels like fall with a slight wind blowing with a chance of showers this weekend. I'm still moving around STUFF in my loft and don't know if it is reproducing on it's own while I sleep. I'm inspired to paint using a little different figure and of course caught up in the color and patterns of the art work. Thinking of making cardboard stars covered with glitter for presents this Christmas as people tell me that they still love the ones we gave them many years ago. The kids enjoyed making them and the youngest wasn't around the first time so I think she will get a big kick out of doing it and giving them. Thanksgiving next week I have sooooo much to be thankful for and will have a small gathering here with all the goodies. I hope you have a wonderful day and have a lot to be thankful for. I am especially thankful for the ability to create and paint pictures that tickle people's fancies. Nothing calms me more than getting into my work, the world and my small problems disappear. That is Great if only for a moment. So here is my wish for you this holiday season. Moments that take you away from the ugliness of life and in that moment I wish you calmness and the sense that it will be alright! Even if you are not sure it will be. Enjoy those moments.....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dancing Sea Turtles!

I painted this while the fabulous site Ripple was still going. I didn't get a chance to post it. I thought it might be on target for the topic of Afterwards. I know we are all hope full that the damage done after the oil spill will be able to be regenerated. These little Turtles are not alone in their dance..... All is busy on my end and my Cat wants to sit on my lap as I try to type in this post. She now as given up and with a discussed look walked away. I love her very much but after a night of sleeping with her, she needs to give me a little time to get some thing done. Anything.... I am redoing my living space, as I live in a loft with many, many things. I suddenly feel taken over by all my STUFF and am weeding out some of the not so loved things. I will put them in storage as I know I will find the need to be the clutter Queen again. Weather is colder today, we fluctuate from the 90's to the 60's it is amazing we don't all have colds from the drastic changes. ...but all is well but busy and always changing.......

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day before Halloween....

Elvis Elephant has been such a good little Elephant that his Mother has granted him a wish. It was to spend the whole day in bed eating goodies until he fell asleep. Not really a good idea but every once in a while you have to break the rules and let loose. We had wonderful rain last night and the air is sooo clear and some wonderful clouds are all around us. We always need the rain so it was a real treat to have some. My Sister is visiting as her birthday was Thursday and we need to celebrate. My youngest Granddaughter is downstairs baking a cake for the party and at my Sisters request hot fudge sundaes are on the menu. We also plan to carve some pumpkins and get in the Halloween mood. The kids are excited for trick or treating and my Mother is unhappy as at 91 she doesn't want to be bothered with any kids knocking on her door. We won't
have many kids as they all seem to be going to organized parties instead of going door to door. Safer and not as cold. I remember always feeling like a stuffed sausage with sweaters under my costumes and not really liking it. Now I feel stuffed without the sweater or costume...tee hee... More later as I must run I need to watch the baking and lick the bowls.......

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time races forward.....

This little Bunny is so excited his heart is racing after Betsy kissed him. It was his first kiss and he is sure he would like more of the same. Remember back to that first kiss and how wonderfully confused and excited you might have been. I was in 3rd or 4th grade and a little boy that had a crush on me planted one on my cheek. I don't remember doing much other than giggle, and times haven't changed I still giggle. I giggle as much as I can and not just about kissing. My Sister's Father-in-law just passed away after a year or so suffering from Altimers. You know I tend to put the realities of life in a place far away from my everyday activities. And when they hit you or someone you love you are reminded how frail we humans are. Death is one I particularly try to avoid thinking about. When I was 15 years ago my best friend developed Cancer and for 14 years I helped her deal with the everyday changes that the disease brought. Death and dying became a topic we discussed weekly. She fought with dignity and humor and lived a somewhat normal life for those years. I know now that what I experienced was information for me to share with others as my life has gone on and for me to remember in my own life. I wish I knew for sure what happens after we die, but when many have gone ahead, it makes the whole thing not quite so scary. I don't want to miss anything and I have so many more paintings to get out of my brain. I would hate to not have that option to do. I try to live everyday as if it were my last. But yes, even I have been guilty of taking the time for granted. So again with Mr. Stuzman's passing I will be mindful of how little time we really have. I will kiss my family more today and tell them I love them, as I do often, and take the time to really look at things! My Cat whiskers, the flowers in the back yard. And try to promise to just sit and do nothing but listen to life passing by. Have a great week.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

IF Spooky

This is my contribution for IF Spooky. This little Dragon/Lizard/? is not sure which is more SPOOKY the woods or his Father! Little does he know he will someday look just like his Dad a bit SPOOKY! It's rainy her today and will continue until tomorrow. I enjoy the little change of climate unless I have to get out in a downpour. Then it is not so much fun. News in my life of loved ones sick and facing challenges in their health. I never really knew how important HEALTH was. Call me stupid but until you face it, as you get what shall I say, OLDER. Quite a few years ago I had a bad asthma attack and ended up twice in one night in the hospital. As I stood looking out the window of my room in the middle of the night gasping for air,I was struck with how alone we all really are. I don't mean the lack of family or loved ones that care for us. But the oneness of each of us has. Basically it is our decision what happens to us in a crisis. And we alone feel the pain of what is done to get us back to health. It was a sad feeling, but at the same time gave me strength to take charge and move on. It was Thanksgiving time so my Son and his friend cooked the dinner and it was wonderful. The boys were so proud that they had done so well and I was proud of them for trying something they hadn't done before. To this day I don't dare complain about cooking holiday meals as my Son reminds me with a smile, of how easy it was for him. So something good came out of a painful moment. We will help all we can as a family to make our loved ones life a little easier. But I will be mindful that we can only do so much, for the will to live and the strength to carry on lies deep within ourselves. Oh a lighter note laughing is the best medicine. Years ago my girlfriends elderly Mother had pneumonia. After starting medicine she propped her up in bed with many soft pillows and rented the funniest movies she could get. The laughing really helped her Mother get well, I think a little faster than she would have with out the movies! Good job Jill!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

IF Mermaid Parade

The title for this weeks IF is Transportation. I thought a while and thought about the series of Mermaid paintings I did a while ago. This one with the pretty Mermaid being escorted through the water came to mind. She is enjoying spending time with her Seahorse friends and watching all the beautiful fishes swim by. What a great way to spend the day. I enjoy drawing pictures that have things you don't see right away. They remind me of the books we used to get as children that had many things hidden in it and we had to find the items. So in my paintings are always things to see, detail I call it but it is just the way my mind thinks. I call myself a victim of the Disney curse. Every thing has a soul and can come to life at a minutes notice. So every thing is treated like it is on the verge of speaking. I'm not really crazy..... I have a home that is full of what I call stimulation. I have been a collector and you can tell that about my house. I have many things that help me with my Art work and many things that are waiting for their turn to be my muse. I have a cute little pink Little People Dragon that my Son had, it is just making me smile right now and what' wrong with that. I had found at a garage sale a little china Pig, I think he is Pigling Bland from the Beatrice Potter books, and he made me smile. He also made my Sister smile and she longed for him to live with her. I kept him for a while and then when she needed him most he took the trip home with her. She told me she looks at him every day and does indeed SMILE. Wow how great is that. I think that is just what I want my Art to do to those that see it. It makes me Smile in return, and that is what it is all about!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Help me with my IF thumbnails......

If your reading this from IF... please help me be able to post my thumbnail. It was sized to 50x40 a size I thought would work . I couldn't get it to any closer to 50x50. Any suggestions I would appreciate the help!

Good luck in the rapids!

This is my contribution for the topic Beneath. This little fisherman is enjoying a beautiful not knowing what is lurking under the calm water! The outcome can be many things some good some not so good. Today is Sunday and my youngest Granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday. It seems like not to long ago she was born and we were holding the tiny bundle in our arms. She is already a full fledged girl, lip gloss and fingernail polish. I don't think Men really stand a chance against we women. She received many wonderful presents and some so clever I plan to play with them myself. I don't think we should ever stop getting toy's of some sort for different occasions. As we should never give up the inner child within us. I try hard to remember what is was like to feel the wonder of getting just what we wanted. Not that I don't get what I ask for now but sometimes I don't always know just what is the best for me at the time. I think I have given in to knowing that I don't have the control I thought I did, but at the same time trying not to be pushed into something I haven't really wanted. It's funny sometimes people think they know what is best for you, and the bottom line is maybe they really don't. Life was described some where as a river. We jump in and as long as we stay a float we will find what waits at the end of it. Some of us try to fight the flow and will always have a hard time living life. So each day I try to wade in (I'm not a fool) and see where the river takes me. Sometimes I am so delighted with the outcome I am in disbelief. Other days I wished I had time to put on a life jacket before entering the water. The new week is ahead and I wish all of you a life saver around you and the wisdom to know just how to navigate the currents. Remember to Love and laugh a lot too!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never let the Dog drive........IF

I saw a similar picture in a magazine and after a few changes it ended up like this. I changed the little boy to look like my Dad and how he dressed many years ago and the Cat now looks like my Cat Sadie. The Car is very much like the one I bought many moons ago and gave to my Son to play with. It was old to begin with and after a while it started to show some unrepairable damage so I took it back. After a while my Son understood and the Car now is part of my decorations and lives with a large Teddy Bear in it on the top of my kitchen cabinets....So when I saw the topic Old Fashioned this painting came to mind.....The weather is beautiful today and warm. We haven't had a summer as of yet so everyone is enjoying the Sun....The kids are not thrilled with school as I wasn't either....We need to make the home front undesirable so I have suggested many chores with bread and water for dinner. It is a little easier to be strict with my Granddaughters as I wasn't with my own kids.....tee heee...Well off to work on some greeting cards with Mermaids and Fairies on them. I will share some later with you....Have a great weekend and remember to laugh a little especially at yourself!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acrobat IF

This little girl is in the middle of the big top! All the colors and patterns make her a bit dizzy, but she balances perfectly on the tight wire! This is my contribution to IF this week. This has been a busy week and the weekend is almost over, yes I am getting old as time is flying! One of the Grand kids has a cold so trying not to get nose to nose with her and catch her cold. I visited with an old friend and Iam reminded how nice it would be to get her back living near as she moved to Oregon. We both have things going on in our lives but when we get together we still manage to laugh like school girls and forget the traumas and everyday dramas that surround us. My Sister is here this week and we are going to help my Mother clean out some of her mounds of papers and cards she has stashed away. My Mother had a party for some friends yesterday. Most of them are in their late 80's and suffer from different minor things. The hearing is going as well as their minds, not to bad, but many subjects were discussed more than a couple of times. But that makes each time new and exciting. They laugh and sing and enjoy the time they spend together. I know that is the important thing just being in the now! Not looking ahead or behind but just now...hard to do... but something to try to do. So good luck with the now I will try but I don't think it will be easy........

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here is my IF Proverbs contribution. I wanted these three cats to be tough and scary a bit mean looking, not my usual fun and happy cat. This mouse has a surprise in store for him when he turns around as he has no idea that anyone is behind him, more or less this trio. I believe education in any form is power. My Father was a Jack of all trades and even a master of many. He let my Sister and I putter around in the garage with him. He taught us about hammers, saws and any thing else he was working on so we never knew "girls" were not supposed to do such things. I have such fond memories of spending time with him just hanging out. He was patient and calm and always seemed to know how to do anything! My Son is very much like my Dad and his Dad too. He never seems to see a job he can't do. I like that in a Man or should I say person. I try to do the same but being trapped in a feminine body has left me with not as much physical strength as I would like. And as I get older the limitations become more frustrating. Ugg!!! I will fight until the end!!! I just won't let anyone know if I'm having trouble doing something, bluffing is another good thing to know how to do....tee hee....I hope this little Mouse can bluff his way out of this situation..I'm betting he IS entertaining and smart and very, very fast!

Monday, September 6, 2010


The topic for Illustration Friday was Dessert this week. I thougth and thought and finally came up with this idea....hope you think it is fun!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost Labor Day!

It is Sunday and I suppose that it will seem like we are having two Sundays this week with Labor Day being tomorrow. I really like that as it gives me time to draw more. Tomorrow is also my Birthday. WOW 65 years did I get that old..? I'm lucky I think. And good health is a big part of it. I also think positive thinking helps sooooo much. My Mother was raised Christen Scientist as kept their idea of thinking in a good way and took doctors on as a positive thing. Its funny some of my fiends Mothers were raised the same way and lived up until their 90's. I know sometimes it is hard to look at the glass half full but it is easy for me as I don't think I know any better. So I'm looking at Social Security and Medicare as good and positive things. I am lucky enough to know my children's children, and to see what great kids I have. That is a good feeling! I think I enjoy myself more....that sounds funny I mean I have come to accept myself with all the good and bad and to say that is ME take it or leave it! I finished my contribution to Watercolor Wednesday, the long and the short of it. I love dogs and always am left in awe of their differences. This scene came to mind after hearing the topic. I always turn it in to a beach theme and I do love to feel the sea air on my nose and long to chase the gulls. tee hee....I also made Halloween stickers for "We love to Illustrate". I was going to make normal ones and then I was inspired by the Halloween items already out for sale. We have started decorating for it. I keep some of my favorite little ghouls out all years as I love their looks. I still am brain storming for Illustration Friday the topic is Desserts...too many things to think about....Well I better go for now I think talking about Desserts has made me hungry........have a great Holiday.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

IF Immovable

Here we are again..thank goodness, they used to say I will see you again if the creek don't rise. Here is California it should be if the Earth don't move. My contribution to IF this week was inspired by my house rule "Never move a sleeping Cat" and if you have a Cat on your lap you are excused from doing anything else but holding the precious little creature. I know you that don't appreciate a good Cat are probably gaging about now, But we Cat lovers truly understand that rule and probably have similar guidelines that they live by. At one time we had 6 Cats. I had only looked for 2 of them the rest just showed up and stayed. We now have my Cat and my Daughters Cat. My Daughter's Cat is 17 years old and always to chase and torment my 9 year old girl cat. We don't know why and have tried many, many things to stop it but a spray bottle with water in it works quite well. I of course have to be here to help so she runs much faster than he does so it works. Busy weekend I bar tended at my girlfriends class reunion. We are all about the same age in our 60s and you know you don't really change much on the inside. The ones that drank to much at parties still do and the pretty ones still think they are pretty. My friend is truly pretty inside and out and people flock to her house to be around her. She enjoys all (well almost all) of their company and the food and drink was great. I enjoy being on the edge of the party as I didn't know many of them but being able to watch and laugh with everyone is always fun. Margaritas were the most requested and beer of course was consumed. Im not sure there will be another next year but my friend has a year to recuperate and if I know her she will be game for the festivities again. I felt happy to have been of service..... My youngest Niece is still visiting and were are enjoying her company as her school starts next week and she will be very busy so we are taking advantage of the time. ......I'm still enjoying the different drawing challenges and still marvel at all the different takes on one topic. As they say Viva la difference! I need to vacuum , I know I don't clean but gotta been done....Have a safe week and check out all the difference sites with the drawing ideas and don't forget Ripple, Kelly is still chugging along but I don't know for how much longer...Thanks again Kelly, you have really made a difference!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another day has begun and it is a beautiful one at that. California has had a late Summer which has become the norm. The kids always seem to start back to school when it is the hottest.Thank goodness they can wear shorts and cool tops. My oldest Granddaughter is starting middle school in the 6th grade. She is very nervous and many, many outfits have been tried on. She is very stylish and conscious of her appearance. Unlike her Maternal Grandmother (Me) that always resembles a unmade bed! The raggedy the better in my book. Back to school is the first for my younger Granddaughter that is also stylish is ready and wants Mom to pick out her outfit. Good luck babies the fun has just begun!.... Mom has Cataract surgery on Thursday. I hope this gives her more vision as she is stuck with not much sight. I just hope she can keep her marbles long enough to enjoy seeing again. Oh well I think my Marbles are missing a few anyway. Who wants to keep them all..? tee hee...My oldest Niece returned to MIT and is getting ready for her Junior year. She spent the Summer in Brazil working in a lab. I really admire her as she doesn't seem to have any fear and just goes full speed ahead! Many things happening this week , hope yours is busy but good....I will try to breathe more and smile when it is not expected so people will wonder what it is that I know that they don't! Try it, it is fun!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating the right ATMOSPHERE

Here is my IF drawing for this week. I think so many people (including me) Love to create atmosphere in their lives. I kid my Mother that she would eat the worst food if the restaurant had the right atmosphere. But isn't that what it is all about. I work and gather the things that make me feel happy in my own space. I love magazines and devour them with glee. And yes I think I have accomplished creating my great place. I think I may have created too much at times but then the stimulation of all the goodies keeps me thinking. So this little boy in my picture is a real salesperson. He not only is serving Lemonade but Tropical style. He believes people that are happy will buy more to drink and spend time at his stand. I think he is right what do you think?Posted by A Penny for Your Thoughts at 5:59 PM

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today I had an idea really fast for the topic Star Gazing! I love Dragons and using a Dragon in this way just made sense. I hope you think he is funny and that you would love to have your own Dragon like Dillon. It is Friday and that sounds good to me. I haven't any plans so maybe some more ideas will pop into my head and I will be inspired to paint something new. I never know where the inspiration will come from but some how it shows up. I wish beautiful thoughts and ideas for this weekend. A calm and safe two days is what we all need. School is about to start and I know the first week is always a disaster and a bit confusing. So this is coasting now. My Niece returns from a summer in Brazil tonight but we won't see her as her family is off camping. On the return trip back to MIT we will get a chance to visit.I think I'm rambling so off I go to do........not sure .........

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

Here is my picture for IF. I love bird cages but do not like ever closing a bird cage door. I don't like keeping things in cages....animals...people...thoughts.... I hope you can see this girl is as excited as the bird to see him leave the cage. I think closed cage doors represent to me closing options. And when your options are taken away there is not hope. I think that is one of the most important thing that money can buy is options. Had a busy weekend my Daughter had a garage sale as we cleaned out an shed we really hadn't looked though in years. It was fun seeing old things and more fun being able to part with some of them and not looking back. The truck came to pick up the unsold things today and I will have to admit to making a couple of trips to the pile of STUFF to retrieve one last thing...can't help my self. Visited with my Mother and Sister and Niece while doing the sale and enjoying the beautiful day outside. Although my mind was working on my Art work for IF. I have to admit I wanted to run inside and get started on it but I waited till everyone was busy with their things. So hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. Have a wonderful week whatever you do. I know I will do my best to do so.......

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Daughter is having a garage sale tomorrow. She has worked so hard to remove all the STUFF we have gathered. Some is hard to part with but with a reality check I have done so. I used to love to go to the sales every Saturday morning and then I realized that I didn't have any place to put them. I'm moving things around all the time in hopes to create more space...funny how our minds work....My Sister and Niece are joining in the sale and helping. It is always fun to see the people and talk to them. But some show up at 6:30 and want to be first...I talked to someone once and they had put on their signs "Early Birds will be charged double" It worked.....Today was beautiful and the Ocean looked so blue you know that deep blue green it just takes my breath away.... and the sounds that the Sea Gulls make as they fly to and from the beach is confronting. Some things change but some thank goodness, stay the same.Better go for now I wish everyone a good and peaceful weekend. Don't know if I will get a chance to draw but the idea for IF is in my head. It's getting terrible I would rather draw and paint than do anything. It gives me a calm feeling and I feel so good when I'm finished with my creation and I am pleased. ...most of the time.....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Monday has rolled around and I hit the deck not running but walking. My poor 91 year old Mother is slowly fading into the background. It is hard to watch her drifting in and out of reality. I have always kidded that I live in a fantasy world with all my drawings , doll and Teddy Bears. But to REALLY do it must be horrible. Like a bad dream that you can't wake up from. She has had eye surgery and we are waiting for the final surgery's to see if they have helped but now I'm not sure she will know if it helps or not. My Father died in 1978 at the age of 60. It was way to early as he had so much to still do and share with the world. Now Mom is here but not all the time. My family and I have decided to face this challenge as we do with most, with HUMOR. Find something we can laugh about and change the sadness to smiles. Not really big smiles but small pleasant ones that will make the situation easier. It works and Mother is not as afraid and seems to be happier. So the song verse" Smile though your heart is breaking" has new meaning for us. We are not the first family to face this fork in the road and certainly not the last. So I pray for patience and guidance and most to be able to smile though the tears as life marches on.....and always look for that one little thing that will make you SMILE if only for a moment.......Have a great week.....

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today I list my IF picture. It was fun as always and colorful too. I love Billy Goats except when they chew on clothes or something else that was important. The weekend has begun and I have a slow start on getting all I wanted to do done, as painting was much more fun. I'm sure all you artist can agree. I think a clean house is highly over rated and clutter is the way to go. Don't forget about Ripple Kelly is still selling pictures for the gulf animals care. I haven't heard much about the oil spill lately but I don't think I really want to know all the details as they are to horrible for me to wrap my mind around. Not much more to say except my Cat is back for the time being. Did new flea medicine and she seems more calm. Maybe leaving was her way of telling me she was in pain. Not questioning it too much just enjoying her...have a great weekend and make your own world beautiful within the confines of your is a good place to start!

Monday, July 26, 2010

It is Monday again and I am having trouble getting started. Our School reunion went really well as far as crowded bars and people are concerned. Not much on being able to talk and find out about our former classmates lives. Maybe that is good as we can make up our own stories of what they have done. Most looked really well and have been blessed with health. Somehave overcome lots of bad things and are still dancing. It's funny the ones you liked in school are the ones you still like and the ones you didn't like are still not lovable. Who would have thought 17 year old kids form opinions that last forever. Better go time is fleeting! Have a good one and SMILE.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

IF Double

Good morning on this gray and cloudy day! My posting for IF is a Father's Day card I made a while back. I think there is never much of a choice for Father's Day so this is one of the ones I created. Living near the Beach I always think of the colorful clothes we all wear and sometimes the Fathers have cornered the market on fancy and fun shirts. This Father likes looking at two of himself in the reflective glasses as he feels he is pretty spiffy! .....Busy weekend some high school friends are in town for an "all school" reunion as Mira Costa High turns 60 years old. Meeting a few at the local watering hole, Ercoles tonight and the school tomorrow. It is funny in a town that has changed into a upscale place full of not so nice people, that a few originals we call ourselves "Beach Trash" still function very well. People say there are no real people left but you can find them if you travel in the right circles. I think real always stays while pretend and phony will vanish like the tides in the ocean. I get a bit bitter sometimes but then I always feel so lucky to live near the Sea it all goes away. So onward to the weekend and hope I can keep up up with the flow!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Here is my picture for IF. I think that all good cooks work a bit of magic in the kitchen. Just like Artist they have to have a love for what they are doing. That explains how two different people can make the same recipe and one is really good and the other dish is terrible. Love what you do and it will never be a chore. I believe that to be true. It is beautiful in Southern California and I'm thankful for the Sun shine. My cat has taken all the abuse she can from my Daughter's cat and has moved across the street. She is my little baby so I am hurt.I just hope she is not sick, she comes across the street when I call her but doesn't want to come upstairs for fear she will be bitten ..I can't blame her..she is fixed as is the male I can't quite figure out what he is doing.....I'm going to spray carpet deodorant on the floor so maybe they won't smell each other....I guess I will just keep track or her and make sure she is all right and see what happens. I know you can't make a cat do something they don't want to do......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer is here!

Finally a beautiful day! It seems like Summer after all. Mom's eyes are really bothering her and the fact she took a sleeping aid first thing this morning didn't help. Her being confused confuses me as I don't know what is real and what isn't. Sadie Cat isn't happy with her flea medicine as it makes the little things bite her until they die. But other than that I have some drawing to do and Im excited to get into it. So good wishes and happiness to all and myself too!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, little Tuesday....

Yay, the Sun is out in Southern California and it is getting warmer.Maybe it will seem like summer. I know we are spoiled with mostly wonderful weather but sometimes it is rather gloomy.Family back from camping, they had fun with all the cousins but are always happy to be home. Opened a facebook page for just my Art. I have been filling it and trying to scan as many pictures as I can. I tried to do one first and missed spelled my name,,typo error. Couldn't figure out how to delete it so opened another one. As soon as I figure out how to do it I will.I love the computer but sometimes it is way over my head. I usually just miss the tiny word somewhere... I posted a picture of a boy and his dog and cat in an old fashioned peddle car. I saw the picture in a magazine and I have an old car much like the one in the painting. I changed the clothing and background but the picture was my inspiration. It is funny in what sparks that inspiration. A small picture in a magazine(Love Magazines) or a flower, just anything. My cards are doing well., I sold a lot to a wonderful store in Hollywood Rivera called Harmony Works. The owner Royce has given me ideas and inspiration. Speaking of inspiration I have to get to work, lots of ideas for a project I have, better get busy....have a great day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday or's your choice.....

It is another overcast day here in Manhattan Beach. We have been having such late summers it is hard to believe it is Summer. I have been trying to help Mom with her eyes and keep her happy as the cloudy days really bother her. Sometimes it is hard to be the optimistic person when you come up against such grumpiness early in the morning. I finished a painting I had set aside so I feel good I hate to have unfinished art lying about. I will post a picture of it as soon as my camera batteries charge. The family has been camping and are returning today. I hear they had fun and probably will be tired as you really never sleep well if your not in your own bed. The cats are playing musical houses. To Mom's and then My house and sleeping different places each night. I suppose it is because they CAN! Participated on the website "We love to illustrate" That is fun. So between Ripple, Illustration Friday and We love to Illustrate I sould keep my creative mind working.....Have a great week and remember to stop and smell....I mean stop and smell the Roses or any other flower that you find around!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here is my contribution for IF topic Diary. I sometime think my imagination is all that gets me through the tough times. As long as I create and have the ability to express myself nothing can get me down. It for me is like breathing. And sometimes as I think all artist do, just create and make something without any of the outcome mattering. I was thinking that this little girl didn't have a perfect life but as long as she can write and express herself she will be OK. I love Elephants so this is a good excuse to get one in a picture. I got the computer to like me this week and I was successful in posting this picture....maybe Im just a little more careful and did like is suggested to do SLOW DOWN...not a bad idea anyway... I always wonder what we are rushing so fast to. The weekend is here so Im hoping to get my home in order, good luck, I say to myself but I do have the intentions....I know were is paved with good intentions....Have a great week and I do love Ripple and Illustration Friday... and feel priviledged to be able to participate in both...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can't believe it has been almost a week since I have written anything. I have been so busy with the holiday and all. Had a great weekend celebrating the 4th. Attended a party and talked to a friends Son I hadn't seen since he was about 8 years old. He is now 51 and looks very much like is Dad. He has a step Mother that tried to keep him away from his natural Mother for years and isn't liked very much by anyone. His real parents have since passed away and I helped fill in the gaps about his Mother from my point of view. I just don't understand how adults can think that a child doesn't have enough love for more than one parent. She is selfish and will be the one alone in the end. The Son has turned out really well and I'm sure his Mother would be sooooo proud of him. Funny how life continues to daze and amaze me.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi again, I feel so stupid I tried to list my picture on IF and finally go the blog to show up but never the thumbnail. I had done it twice before and succeeded , Oh well better luck for me next week. I hope that the others get deleted. This picture is for a book I'm working on called "The Secret in Grandma's Garden". I love Sunflowers and the color they bring to a room. Today has been busy again and I have alot of work to do. I freelance designer for some toy company's in Southern California. It is fun and getting paid is also fun too. My Granddaughter sold her painting for Ripple so we need to get it in the mail. To those that comment on my work each week I thank you. I feel so faltered that other artist like what I do. Have a great Friday I'm off to the 99cent store they had Lavender plants for do you believe it 99cents...Hope there are still some left. Byee have a happy day and don't let the unhappy people win...SMILE at startles them and they wonder what we know that they don't! ..and in truth we do....we really do!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today is starting our very busy. Some days just take on a life of their own. I may plan something or think about what I am going to create today and before I know it something else has taken place. I feel so bad my 91 year old Mother is having a hard time seeing. She has had successful surgery for glaucoma and we are waiting to see if cataract surgery will help. I wish I could instill some excitement into her life. Most of her friends have passed away and she seems to have lost her desire to do anything short of some small tasks. My family all try to touch base with her each day but since she can't hear very well, it is hard to carry on a conversation. It is a double edged are lucky enough to live long but if you can't hear or see ....why. I know I am learning patience. I always thought I had it but I really must reach down deep into my pockets to find more.....I have some jobs in the wings and that is exciting. And some new fairy animal paper dolls I want to work on. I will post what I have made I think they are fun. Love checking out all the artist on "Illustration Friday". What talent I feel like each blog/website is a new present for me. WOW is my reaction to their work and what they have to say. Ripple is also exciting as Kelly is posting some new things from Children's Book Illustrators that are established. I can hardly wait to do my first book. I have a book I have done, but don't know how to get it published....working on that. Off to chase lions, tigers and bears....or should I say the general public.....I will let you know who wins the animals or me....tee hee!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is close to the end of June. OK I will sound old. Where did the time go? July is here and of course the 4th of July Parties. When the kids were little we had huge block parties. Bicycle parades, ping pong, water melon seed spiting contest and of course fire works...We had many a good time and one year when I decided I didn't want to take out the insurance waver at the city to block off the street, no one else would do it. Oddly that was the beginning of the end of our block. People moved, marriages dissolved, and friendships that we thought were forever, ended. We had quite a run, and I do remain friends with many of my neighbors. My kids were lucky enough to grow up with that security behind them and it is good. So off we go to a new party this year ,not the same but life isn't. I think life is like a river it always runs and we choose to jump in and take a chance we can swim or just stand on the side and watch. I prefer to jump in and much to my surprize many wonderful new things happen when I do. So Im off to swim tomy best ability today. I will let you know if I need a life preserver tossed in!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Monday and I just listed my Illustration Friday Picture. It shows a boy that has taken his school lesson just one more step. He and his faithful pets have hooked him to a tree and he is orbiting the globe on the ground. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! He is delighted and loves swinging around and around. I predict he will soon become dizzy and I hope Nick has made arrangements to get out of that tree! Spent the weekend with my Sister and Niece doing not much but hanging out. Our Mother is 91 years old so she just enjoys having her family around. Not for to long a time as she is set in her ways and has her way of doing things. I hope all have a good week and don't forget to keep checking out Ripple as Kelly is still doing a wonderful thing in donating to the gulf disaster. Byeeee for now......................

Saturday, June 26, 2010

After a busy day yesterday it is nice to play catch up with my housework and art work. My Sister and Niece are visiting and we talked to my other Niece via Skype in Brazil....Gotta love Son spent almost 1 year in Brazil waiting for his Wife to get her Visa to move to the USA. During that time he was really really ill. Skype saved a Mothers soul having a sick child so far away and not being able to help. His Wonderfu Wife took the lap top into the hospital and I could actually look at his face to see how he was doing. Mothers will understand...All is well and they are home but "I LOVE SKYPE" will be my motto....Love Ripple also... My life long friend Tish Rogers donated some beautiful sea paintings. I felt so proud....and I see they have sold of course. I feel so happy to be in the presence of all of the great artists...Love Kelly for coming up with the idea...I haven't been inspired by the topic "Satellite" as of yet for Illustration Friday...will think some more about it... Oh well off to the salt mines as they used to say......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iam having soooo much fun with this Illustration Friday. I have had some great comments and it feels good to hear from other artist. I can hardly wait for Friday to see what is next. I sent in two more pictures to Ripple. It also feels good to help in some small way. Today is my oldest Granddaughters last day of 5th grade. I do remember 5th grade and in case I forget I still have quite a few friends I met in grammer school. We are all in the same boat as far as aging and helping older parents. But thats a subject for another day....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iam a freelance artist living in Manhattan Beach ca. I love drawing and painting and if I don't get the chance every day I feel Im missing something. Here is my first piece of artwork for "Illustration Friday". I did do 3 paintings for Ripple last week as I thought it was such a wonderful way to help the horrible oil spill get better. I was inspired in this painting for "Paisley" by the stars and the names that they have. My little guys are talking over their opinions of what this star shape is. Im excited to join Illustration Friday. And Iam looking forward to other ideas.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yes today is another day...Im feeling better, the back is not hurting as bad as yesterday. Ill try to take it easier today. Boy a day like yesterday always reminds me how importain health is. I know you all know that. I think we all need to be reminded sometimes. Off to do the things I should have done.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Donated to the Ripples web-site today. It felt good to be helping in some small way. What a good idea Kelly has had and I think even she is surprised with the replys. Watching my Granddaughters throw water balloons at anything in their path. How they giggle and are delighted with the whole process..My scatic nerve is tender today and has been giving me pain since I moved several pieces of LARGE furnature myself....OOPHs you would think I would learn.......I like the results and the room pleases me....I hope the nerve will heal soon I don't like being in pain...thinking another day is almost over and tomorrow I WILL feel better...