Monday, August 30, 2010

IF Immovable

Here we are again..thank goodness, they used to say I will see you again if the creek don't rise. Here is California it should be if the Earth don't move. My contribution to IF this week was inspired by my house rule "Never move a sleeping Cat" and if you have a Cat on your lap you are excused from doing anything else but holding the precious little creature. I know you that don't appreciate a good Cat are probably gaging about now, But we Cat lovers truly understand that rule and probably have similar guidelines that they live by. At one time we had 6 Cats. I had only looked for 2 of them the rest just showed up and stayed. We now have my Cat and my Daughters Cat. My Daughter's Cat is 17 years old and always to chase and torment my 9 year old girl cat. We don't know why and have tried many, many things to stop it but a spray bottle with water in it works quite well. I of course have to be here to help so she runs much faster than he does so it works. Busy weekend I bar tended at my girlfriends class reunion. We are all about the same age in our 60s and you know you don't really change much on the inside. The ones that drank to much at parties still do and the pretty ones still think they are pretty. My friend is truly pretty inside and out and people flock to her house to be around her. She enjoys all (well almost all) of their company and the food and drink was great. I enjoy being on the edge of the party as I didn't know many of them but being able to watch and laugh with everyone is always fun. Margaritas were the most requested and beer of course was consumed. Im not sure there will be another next year but my friend has a year to recuperate and if I know her she will be game for the festivities again. I felt happy to have been of service..... My youngest Niece is still visiting and were are enjoying her company as her school starts next week and she will be very busy so we are taking advantage of the time. ......I'm still enjoying the different drawing challenges and still marvel at all the different takes on one topic. As they say Viva la difference! I need to vacuum , I know I don't clean but gotta been done....Have a safe week and check out all the difference sites with the drawing ideas and don't forget Ripple, Kelly is still chugging along but I don't know for how much longer...Thanks again Kelly, you have really made a difference!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another day has begun and it is a beautiful one at that. California has had a late Summer which has become the norm. The kids always seem to start back to school when it is the hottest.Thank goodness they can wear shorts and cool tops. My oldest Granddaughter is starting middle school in the 6th grade. She is very nervous and many, many outfits have been tried on. She is very stylish and conscious of her appearance. Unlike her Maternal Grandmother (Me) that always resembles a unmade bed! The raggedy the better in my book. Back to school is the first for my younger Granddaughter that is also stylish is ready and wants Mom to pick out her outfit. Good luck babies the fun has just begun!.... Mom has Cataract surgery on Thursday. I hope this gives her more vision as she is stuck with not much sight. I just hope she can keep her marbles long enough to enjoy seeing again. Oh well I think my Marbles are missing a few anyway. Who wants to keep them all..? tee hee...My oldest Niece returned to MIT and is getting ready for her Junior year. She spent the Summer in Brazil working in a lab. I really admire her as she doesn't seem to have any fear and just goes full speed ahead! Many things happening this week , hope yours is busy but good....I will try to breathe more and smile when it is not expected so people will wonder what it is that I know that they don't! Try it, it is fun!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating the right ATMOSPHERE

Here is my IF drawing for this week. I think so many people (including me) Love to create atmosphere in their lives. I kid my Mother that she would eat the worst food if the restaurant had the right atmosphere. But isn't that what it is all about. I work and gather the things that make me feel happy in my own space. I love magazines and devour them with glee. And yes I think I have accomplished creating my great place. I think I may have created too much at times but then the stimulation of all the goodies keeps me thinking. So this little boy in my picture is a real salesperson. He not only is serving Lemonade but Tropical style. He believes people that are happy will buy more to drink and spend time at his stand. I think he is right what do you think?Posted by A Penny for Your Thoughts at 5:59 PM

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today I had an idea really fast for the topic Star Gazing! I love Dragons and using a Dragon in this way just made sense. I hope you think he is funny and that you would love to have your own Dragon like Dillon. It is Friday and that sounds good to me. I haven't any plans so maybe some more ideas will pop into my head and I will be inspired to paint something new. I never know where the inspiration will come from but some how it shows up. I wish beautiful thoughts and ideas for this weekend. A calm and safe two days is what we all need. School is about to start and I know the first week is always a disaster and a bit confusing. So this is coasting now. My Niece returns from a summer in Brazil tonight but we won't see her as her family is off camping. On the return trip back to MIT we will get a chance to visit.I think I'm rambling so off I go to do........not sure .........

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

Here is my picture for IF. I love bird cages but do not like ever closing a bird cage door. I don't like keeping things in cages....animals...people...thoughts.... I hope you can see this girl is as excited as the bird to see him leave the cage. I think closed cage doors represent to me closing options. And when your options are taken away there is not hope. I think that is one of the most important thing that money can buy is options. Had a busy weekend my Daughter had a garage sale as we cleaned out an shed we really hadn't looked though in years. It was fun seeing old things and more fun being able to part with some of them and not looking back. The truck came to pick up the unsold things today and I will have to admit to making a couple of trips to the pile of STUFF to retrieve one last thing...can't help my self. Visited with my Mother and Sister and Niece while doing the sale and enjoying the beautiful day outside. Although my mind was working on my Art work for IF. I have to admit I wanted to run inside and get started on it but I waited till everyone was busy with their things. So hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. Have a wonderful week whatever you do. I know I will do my best to do so.......

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Daughter is having a garage sale tomorrow. She has worked so hard to remove all the STUFF we have gathered. Some is hard to part with but with a reality check I have done so. I used to love to go to the sales every Saturday morning and then I realized that I didn't have any place to put them. I'm moving things around all the time in hopes to create more space...funny how our minds work....My Sister and Niece are joining in the sale and helping. It is always fun to see the people and talk to them. But some show up at 6:30 and want to be first...I talked to someone once and they had put on their signs "Early Birds will be charged double" It worked.....Today was beautiful and the Ocean looked so blue you know that deep blue green it just takes my breath away.... and the sounds that the Sea Gulls make as they fly to and from the beach is confronting. Some things change but some thank goodness, stay the same.Better go for now I wish everyone a good and peaceful weekend. Don't know if I will get a chance to draw but the idea for IF is in my head. It's getting terrible I would rather draw and paint than do anything. It gives me a calm feeling and I feel so good when I'm finished with my creation and I am pleased. ...most of the time.....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Monday has rolled around and I hit the deck not running but walking. My poor 91 year old Mother is slowly fading into the background. It is hard to watch her drifting in and out of reality. I have always kidded that I live in a fantasy world with all my drawings , doll and Teddy Bears. But to REALLY do it must be horrible. Like a bad dream that you can't wake up from. She has had eye surgery and we are waiting for the final surgery's to see if they have helped but now I'm not sure she will know if it helps or not. My Father died in 1978 at the age of 60. It was way to early as he had so much to still do and share with the world. Now Mom is here but not all the time. My family and I have decided to face this challenge as we do with most, with HUMOR. Find something we can laugh about and change the sadness to smiles. Not really big smiles but small pleasant ones that will make the situation easier. It works and Mother is not as afraid and seems to be happier. So the song verse" Smile though your heart is breaking" has new meaning for us. We are not the first family to face this fork in the road and certainly not the last. So I pray for patience and guidance and most to be able to smile though the tears as life marches on.....and always look for that one little thing that will make you SMILE if only for a moment.......Have a great week.....