Friday, March 1, 2013

IF Talent

This little mouse is hoping that his "Talent" will distract the cats, and make them forget that they want to eat him for dinner. As in real life sometimes I hope my "Talent" will carry me through the rough times and keep me from feeling the hard lesson  I am going through. When my 93 year old Mother was going through the last stages of life, sometimes reality was to much to face head on. I found myself in the room with her, my paper in hand and I was drawing my heart out. Instead of what I really wanted to do was cry my head off. Sometimes the ideas flowed easily from my pencil onto the paper. And other times the ideas just wouldn't come. But I do know without my drawing and creating ability, that which it is, I might not have come out with my brain in tact. I thank my many relatives, Mother especially, that passed the talent down the family line to little old me. I enjoy making others feel, smile and enjoy my expressions. And enough as I would like to think I do this to make others happy, I now know I NEED to be a creative person! It fills my soul and gives me meaning at this time in my life. So my friends embrace your "Talent" and fill your soul with what ever that talent might be. Because it is a gift, no matter what it is!. And you wouldn't let a gift sit around for years unopened, would you? I wouldn't and haven't and I try to open it again and again,everyday, it makes me feel soooooo wonderful. I hope it makes you feel something wonderful too!