Saturday, April 30, 2011

IF Lesson

This strong man and sweet elephant are about to learn a lesson in the fine art of balance with the addition to their act of that tiny butterfly! It is funny how delicate balance can be. Whether it be trying to balance work and family, or friend relationships. I always say that we all do a dance. And what the outcome is depends on who will join our different dances. For example when we find ourselves in a bad mood, who joins us sometimes makes the mood change. If we refuse to join the bad mood dance and choose to change the dance the bad mood person seldom will dance alone. I don't know if we choose to be in a bad mood or if the many ingredients of our lives set the tone. Again comes balance, did we eat and what did we eat, did we get enough sleep. There are so many reasons that a person might feel crabby. I try to fight bad moods and encourage others to SNAP OUT OF IT! But sometimes we have the weight of the world on our backs and as I say "have fallen down the rabbit hole". In my drawing the lesson that anything even something as lovely as a butterfly can change the balance of the day. So we must be aware of the lessons as we trudge along in this silly life. My friend once said "what does it matter, we will all be gone in a hundred years"? Well it matters to me now. I want to live in the moment balancing my players and dancers. I want to help my Granddaughters learn the right lessons from what happens in their lives. How to handle disappointment and even happiness when others around them might not be as happy. How complicated it all is....I know I woke up in a good mood today. I hope I can learn my first lesson of the day patience with my Mother. I will remember how hard it is for her, to be so confused and unaware. Life for her is getting smaller everyday. I will try to balance her life with mine....and if that tiny butterfly lands on us, may it be welcomed with open arms knowing that it will teach us just another lesson in life..........get out there and look out for the butterflies.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

IF Bicycle

When I was drawing this it reminded me of the wonderful feeling that I had riding my bike on the way home from a day of cutting and pasting at my girlfriends house up the street. Her Mother was one of the only Mothers that truly was happy to let us do arts and crafts at the big table in the kitchen. We would paint and draw to our hearts content and then the day became perfect with the bike ride down the hill. I still can feel the wind in my hair and the way I didn't have to stop until I hit my driveway. Her Mother still lives up the street and at 88 is just starting to show her age. I drive, only in my car now, that same route quite often. Many houses have come and gone on the streets along the drive but I still can find a few hold outs that remain standing strong among the new hotel like houses in the neighborhood. I have always to follow in my girlfriends Mother's path and welcome art projects on my large farm table in my kitchen. Paint comes up easy and doesn't hurt the wood. In fact it seems to add to the charm of it...... I hope you all had a pleasant Easter. We ate good food and hit brightly colored Easter eggs and laughed at the kids as they hunted them down. My youngest Granddaughter especially loved the adventure. My Son held her high in the air to reach the eggs hidden in the tree much to her delight. She loved hiding the eggs from her Sister and Cousin and Aunties. And much to my surprise we found all the eggs after we hid them. We usually always have one or two that we can't find and magically appear months later a little worst for wear. We I was small my dog would bury the eggs he found after the hunt and then dig them up later for a real taste treat......ugg....My Mother turned 92 on Saturday so we celebrated her Birthday yesterday too. She has lost her short term memory and gets so offended when we mention anything she had done that needs to be noticed. What a game we play everyday trying not to hurt her feelings and keep her safe, but it is necessary for her well being. Oh well she forgets she was unhappy soon anyway......tee hee....have a great week and I hope the weather gets warm and sunny for all of us soon........

Friday, April 15, 2011

IF Journey

I like to think that everyday when we slide out of bed that we are beginning a new journey! We sometimes have an idea of what we will encounter as we continue on. But then we really don't know what will unfold through out the day.Our house seems to have a revolving door in it. And that is the way I like it. You never know who will come over and what they have on their minds. We live in a city that has grown very sophisticated. There is more money here than our sleepy little town could have ever imagined being. Some of the new people are a bit plastic and seem to have cell phones stuck to their ears. I just want to scream at them when I see them going through the check stand at the market or doing bank transactions without ever making conversation to the checkers or tellers. They have missed the chance to make contact with another human being. I feel they don't want to bother or that they are just too important to deal with such trivial issues. Aside from the snotty ones you can find the Manhattan Beach Natives. Down to earth and just plain happy to be lucky enough to be living in a wonderful beach town. We have been here for years and never forget to be in awe of our surroundings. Many of the parents of the children that my Granddaughters go to school with are surprised to find us when they first come over. I always tell them there are lots of we old timers in town you just have to look for them. So when friends drop over I always learn something new from our conversations. As I said before I feel I learn something new everyday weather it be about myself or others I find that exciting. So I guess to tie this to the IF topic Journey is that my family sharing their journey is something to be thankful for. As each and every person, even if they are irritating also bring something to the table. I find listening more valuable that I did before and try to do that first before I express and idea or opinion.....Oh it is time for me to continue on my life journey..have to run to the market and of course the 99cent store.....good luck on your life's journey and don't forget to listen and take note of what has happened is part of the plan......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IF Bottled

WOW, I finally got my computer fixed and I figured out how to shrink the picture to make it a thumbnail. My friend was nice enough to fix my computer that had been attacked by a virus, yes, I have virus protection. But in the operation some new parts we installed. "Paint" was one of them and I just couldn't figure out how to shrink my drawings. I'm still playing with the larger ones but I figured out how to make the thumbnail for IF. Iam soooo grateful my friend Paul took the time to help me with this machine I have become so dependent on. I don't really like the idea of having the computer being so important but....what else can I do but join in on the fun....So Iam back up and running with a few bugs to work out... I get confused dpi...K....Mb....pix...I have to much in my tiny brain already. ....had a nice weekend changed some furniture around again, as I live in an open loft it is easy to create spaces. Never enough room but it is fun anyway....found out an old friend is really sick and waiting some test to find out just what is wrong. Boy I have always thought car mechanics and Doctors are about the same. Both are never really sure what is wrong with their clients and do what they can to make them work the best they can.....Mike, I wish you an excellent Dr. and Mechanic....and send you love and strength...Not fun getting older but it seems to be the only game in town. I still learn something new everyday about life and especially about myself. I am a complicated human with many faults but my bottom line is always to make others feel better for coming into contact with me. That doesn't always happen and I have definitely found I can't win a hate or unhappiness challenge. I won't try to win at that game and others seem to have their ability to hate and be unhappy in their blood. Or after years of those traits being used they have perfected that ability....Well I need to keep on moving and try to get my home back in order. I will show some pictures soon, its fun I have collected a lot of STUFF and have decided to put some of it out so I can enjoy it all the time....Have a great day it is beautiful here I hope it is where you are too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

IF Duet

These twins love to dance and play their horns. They love confusing their friends because they look just a like. But do they really look just a like? I have twin girl friends that I met in Kindergarten. They are identical but I never had any trouble telling them apart. They don't live in my city anymore but we do try to touch base when ever we can....I love having friends for such along time. We have no BS and share many memories that others can imagine. But it is also exciting creating new friends and making new memories. My Mother still can remember some of her older memories but her short term memory is gone. I sorta have my own thing I do, after my Mom repeats something 3 times I excuse myself and leave. Changing the subject never seems to help so removing myself seems to work and gets her on to something else. I ask one of my friends the other day, what is so bad about listening to something more than once? When we are teaching a child repetition is what it is all about. Is is the fact that the adult should no better? Why not the patience we have for the child not be the same for the parent. I'm still questioning this and other things when I find myself short of temper. I pray for guidance and patience and for most of all my sense of humor to stay in tact! Any suggestions are gladly read and thought about. I know know one ever said life was easy. I'm delighted and feel blessed that my Mother has been able to reach 92 years of age. I just sometimes have to remind my self and step outside of my own needs and be happy to aid and protect! On ward and upward....I always say?