Monday, December 19, 2011

IF Sink

Harriet is in quite a mess. In her excitement to enjoy the warm beautiful water she has jumped in totally forgetting she can't swim! I will continue the story... that the large fish at the bottom of the picture will rescue her and swim with her on his back safely to the shore. I think we all want a happy ending to the story and find distress when it looks like it isn't going to happen...I attended a Holiday program at my youngest Granddaughters school last Friday. I also attended the same school and I was excited to see what the program would be like. The teacher was really smart and ask all the kids to wear their PJ's. Well the brightest of styles and colors were seen. No need for Christmas costumes the outcome was delightful! Their 6 year old faces were all so different . Some were confident, some were frightened and some were just there taking in all of the parents looking at them. My Granddaughter knew all the words and gestures and of course was the best in the group...Really... she was.... one of her friends parents watched her as she said that she knew that she was doing it right. I fought back some tears a couple of times when I remembered being in that same cafeteria so long ago. And I wondered what the future would be like for all of these beautiful children.Where did the time go? It is true it does go fast...when you get to be my age it becomes so apparent that everyday does count. No dilly dolling around any more. My quest to do some things must be attempted NOW as no one knows how much time we have left. I don't say that in a sad way just a real way! I always knew that we had to make the most of it. ...back to the kids ...I wanted to draw these great kids and will soon. Color and fun I intend today to have more color in my life and a lot more fun... I hope you can do the same....I will think of those that are not having fun and need extra love and send it to might try to do the same....byeeeeeeee