Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IF Hibernate

I often feel like hibernating until I feel better about things or getting all of my obligations over. I have wished that the world would stop and only I could keep going and have the most productive day ever! This little bear is all decked out in his red flannel pj's and has his favorite toy to cuddle with as the winter passes. ..Today is dreary and rainy and I love it. We need more rain and it is promised for tomorrow. I enjoy staying home and listening to the rain on the roof. My cat hates the rain and wants to sit in my lap all day.... not possible.....but she almost insist and makes me a little crazy.....I think the Grand kids are in the groove of school...not happy but going without to much of a fit. ...Mother is still vague and confused but able to do the little things around the house that make her feel independent. She has always liked to be the underdog and to feel persecuted so in her forgetting she often places herself in places that make her feel this way. I feel sorry for her and will often correct her with the correct information so she won't feel unhappy. But to my dismay she then says, "well then I am a liar"....can live with them , can't live without them...so I try everyday to practice what I call Protection and Maintenance for her. Let her feel she is in control and knowing inside that she will feel however she will without my help. Love her and try to guide her but sometimes it seems feudal....I guess that is when I truly want to Hibernate!...So to the drawing board I go...sooooo glad I have this talent and hope to draw and create until I need someone to Maintain and Protect me! Have a good day, hug someone and remember to smile as if you know something that no one else does...its true isn't it?