Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IF Midsummer Night

If you took a chance and peeked at this site without the thumbnail. Please excuse me. I bought a new printer and the thumbnail wouldn't take. I tried another thumbnail I had posted before and IT didn't work. This is sooooo frustrating as I just got all this down.....grumble, grumble..................ANYWAY........Amanda is feeling so relaxed on this Midsummer Night that she has decided to take a little nap. The weather is warm and the night seems magical with the night moths flying about. Talking about Moths, we once had a cat that used to catch the moths at night and bring them into the house to eat. We would hear loud crunching and new instantly what was happening. I would have loved to let me go, but by the time they arrived in the house they were already on the way to Moth heaven. Cats are really smart but you have to overlook they're eating habits. My Cat Sadie loves to catch mice and chase them about in the bathtub. If I know what is going on I always catch and release but sometimes I'm to late. She leaves the organs and sometimes the tails. Not nice to look at! I try to make sure she has plenty to eat but I think Cats will be Cats. I don't think I have any meaning to look for today, my knee hurts and I think my sense of humor is missing. Oh well see you next week.....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

IF Launch

This sailor while walking the plank, was surprised to meet the "Face that Launched a Thousand Ships"! (at least the face that launched this ship) She was staring out ahead as if looking for her long lost Sailor. I think the damsel in distress on board the ship can't figure out just what her boyfriend is looking at....Much like in true life, we are always trying to know what the other is thinking. After years of doing just that I know now that what they are thinking is none of my business. I can't remember who said that but I believe it to be true. Quite a few years ago I was visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona. My friend and I had gone from L.A. to Arizona on a Harley Motorcycle. He was looking around for a new place to live and I went along for the ride. We had fun and were walking along the edge of the canyon. I was taken by the beauty and how wonderful the trip had been. I looked at my friend and asked him "What are you thinking?", knowing I was feeling warm and fuzzy and full of wonder. He snapped back at me and replied. " I was thinking of how hard it is to get along with you". You might as well as pushed me off the cliff as I thought everything was going along swimmingly. We didn't speak all the way back to Flagstaff. He then opened up that he was unhappy with himself as he didn't want to live anywhere new we had been. And was hoping I would love one of the places so he could then love it too. That was the last time I ever ask that burning question again. At least to a man friend. I know that Men and Women don't think alike. And wanting to know all their thoughts is a BIG mistake. I now just smile when faced with wanting to ask THE THINKING question. After all it is just important what I think of myself. And my thoughts about many things sometimes don't need to be expressed. As do others want to share their ideas and thoughts with you. I know communication is important in a relationship but not always. So next time you feel all warm and fuzzy and look into your significant others eyes and want to ask What are you Thinking?...stop and think...do you really want to know the answer....it might be more than you want to hear....do you want to take the chance of finding out just what he Does think......It is Fathers Day...my wonderful Daddy passed away in 1978 at the age of 60. He had so much more to give and see, but I remember one day he mentioned that he thought he had lived in a wonderful time, he had seen, electricity, computers, Men on the Moon,and transportation of all kinds to name a few. He had seen a lot and done many of the things he aspired to do. But best of all he was a Man of Character. He meant what he said and was ALWAYS there for me and my family. He was funny, and laughing was an everyday event. His hugs were real and his smile lite up the room. Jim Wakeland you are truly missed! But thank you for the legacy you left me and my Sister. I try everyday to live a life you would be proud of...I know you are watching!

Monday, June 13, 2011

IF Swept

My little brown bear loves to sweep and is doing a really good job of it. I can see that he doesn't get around to cleaning very often by the amount of interesting things floating in the air. He is a bear after my own heart. I think a clean house is a boring house. Sometimes when things fall on the floor I leave them where they fall as I know where they are and will remember if I need them. I seem to have good intentions, I know the road to Hell is paved with those same good intentions, but I do plan on doing the cleaning each and every day. I get started working on a picture and I know all of you fellow artist understand how it is to much fun to stop and gee "things can wait until tomorrow" thus bringing my intentions full circle. School is almost finished and none to soon. The Grand kids are more than ready to claim their time as their own. I know we will be hearing the famous words "I'm board" the first week. But the ability to sleep in for them will be the best part of the summer. Nothing to large planned, just relax and enjoy the weather. ...we will pray for some warm days and blue sky's and some good times with friends and family....my back yard looks like a small forest, just the way I like it and I plan on spending some time back there. My Cat Sadie loves to hunt lizards and seems to find many different sizes and types always bringing them in to show me. I catch them and let them go as she loudly complains...maybe if I sit with her in the yard she will just hunt them.....catch and release without my help...I think that is wishful thinking....better go for now....hope all is going well and may you have many wonderful memories this Summer! I know you will try!

Monday, June 6, 2011

IF Shadows

This little bear is amazed how his familiar woods now look a bit scary at night in the shadows. It is funny or should I say peculiar how that can happen. Some place that we know quite well can look different in the night. My back yard is a good example. We have two giant pine trees that were a few years ago 4 feet high Christmas trees. When the wind is blowing and it is very dark I don't think I would like to spend a lot of time out there alone. I know that it is quite safe but the sounds that radiate from that space are spooky. We have Raccoons and Opossums and a few other small animals that live and visit on a regular basis. And some times I wonder if other creatures are lurking about. Nothing to large as to threaten me but I guess you never know, after all in the horror films that is where horrible things happen.....Just kidding about that last thing but isn't that what we are all afraid of? The unknown! If we all knew (FOR SURE) just what happens after death we might not be afraid of it. So then when a awful illness happened we wouldn't be unhappy but look at it as the key to something better. I wonder if we would live any different....I was next door to my Grandparents home this weekend. This wonderful little house is not in the family anymore and I find myself wanting to enter it. I know subconsciously I am hoping my Grandparents might be inside waiting to love me. I know better but the desire to feel them and their love is appealing. There are no shadows in that house.....I think as we get older the shadows seem to be less and the light more. Oh yea, that is what that means, I say a lot...and if you do this it might help....The path is different the goals are changing. I'm not sure just what they are but I still work with the same enthusiasm but with a bit more confidence, on a good day....I wish for your week...no shadows..only light and moments of pure clarity. Clarity that you are on the right path.....the path you have chosen...good luck and remember only you are the one looking back at you in the mirror at night. Try to make that person smile as much as you can with your efforts......byeeeee