Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IF Gesture

Bear is sooo happy to be able to assist bunny in his berry picking. They have plans to have a picnic in the woods later on in the day. I used this little bear again in my illo as I hope to have a lot of paintings to gather together and make a book out of. Sorry I didn't think of it sooner I would be finished by now. Summer is in full swing here in Manhattan Beach. My Daughter in law has some of her family from Brazil visiting for a time. It is funny how even if we don't speak the same verbal language we still can understand each other. Im always interested in what goes on in other countries and what they do everyday and what wonderful foods they have. We picked up the recipe for the Brazilian cheese balls that we love. One of my Nieces is living in Brazil for the summer so my Sister wanted to make them when she gets home. Funny I like the dough almost better than the finished product. I know the raw eggs aren't good for you,but I can't help myself. I come from a long line of batter and dough family. My Grandmother liked to tell the story of when she first got married at 16years old, one of the first things she did was to bake a cake. She ate most of the batter as her Mother forbid her from doing so when she was at home. So when she was on her own and she could do just that and jumped at the chance. She always made the best pies, and of course the pie dough was even better. Bread dough gotta love the yeast flavor of it...oh no!!!! TMI (to much information.)...sorry you don't need to know how silly I can be...or do you? ...Well time is a flying by today and I haven't gotten much done so here's wishing you a wonderful day....maybe I'll make a cake...or a pie....tee hee...yum, yum!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

IF Stay

In this picture the woman has decided that she no longer could stay in the dark woods. She take hold of the colorful flower that promises her light! So many of us are or have been in situations that we need to make a change. If you are like me I always need a nudge to help me to make the change needed. I am usually happy once I find the courage to do what I need to do. But coming to that decision is really hard for me. I'm lucky enough that life has guided me along and presented me with choices along the way. I admit to not always making the right ones but I have always taken responsibility for my choices. It is hard to always listen to the little voice in my head but once I know it is best I charge ahead. Life is so interesting and sometimes is comes full circle when we don't even know it. My Daughter in Law took a job designing costumes for the Oprah company in L.A.. She has worked hard and has done a beautiful job. The Oprah took place at the Santa Monica Woman's club. I laughed when I heard this. When I was 6 or 7 years old my Grandmother was a book keeper for the club and I often went to work with her. It has a stage with a balcony and I remembered playing in this room and exploring the club while my Grandmother worked. Who would have thought my Son and his Wife would be attending a function there more or less being in the room I explored as a child. My kids went to the same school as I and their Father attended. We have walked over each others steps many times. I hope they walk over my good steps and have a wonderful life. I wish for all of you the innate wisdom to know when it is best not to stay and do so with the knowledge they are doing the right thing.... beautiful day...sun is out...slight wind...listing to the water bubbling in my little pond and just being thankful for the moment. I have a plant I call a Wax plant. It has big waxy leaves and bunches of pink flowers that look like wax. My parents had one when I was small and I saved two from a garage sale. They are happy and blooming now. I enjoy these flowers sooooo much. Just thought I share that with you...!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

IF Remedy

This Grandma has all the help she needs to make her little Grandson feel better in this book. Baking soda paste applied to the bite making sure the stinger is out is what I remember my Grandmother and Mother used to do for me. My Great Grandmother, that I never had the privilege to meet, was a woman of many talents. She was very superstitious and had a saying for many things, including throwing salt over her shoulder when it was spilt. She attended to the dearly departed by doing their hair and attended many a seance. She loved to cook and used to tease my Mother by saying she was making A"Wind Pudding". For which my Mother sat waiting for many a day. She worked at cleaning the largest house in her town, which an heir to the Coke company lived. She did almost anything to help with the money issues in the home. I have always felt it is a shame that sometimes we are not fortunate to know our relatives when they were young. My Mothers family came from Indiana in the early 1900's to find a better life. I think they succeed in doing just that. Never really finding treasure of worldly goods but the treasure of finding love and closeness of their family. Much like the Movie Roots the stories must continue in order for us to be able to find a sense of who we are. I know she was honest, hardworking and full of love and happiness. I think that is pretty good for a legacy, I hope my Grand kids will speak of good things after I am on another journey. I try hard and I think they know this and I hope I only get better with time. Time.... a funny thing, we tend to waste it and take it for granite, we can't change it or stop it. And many try to cheat it by looking as young as they can. But reality always sets in we are what we are. I think facing it with dignity and a sense of what it is may be the way I will handle it. Stay tuned....it may change....one never knows.....By the way I bought a new printer as my old one stopped working. I tried to download my thumbnail of the IF topic this week and the site says it won't take it for various reasons. I will try to fix this problem but if you took a peek , I thank you......have a great 4Th of July!