Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never let the Dog drive........IF

I saw a similar picture in a magazine and after a few changes it ended up like this. I changed the little boy to look like my Dad and how he dressed many years ago and the Cat now looks like my Cat Sadie. The Car is very much like the one I bought many moons ago and gave to my Son to play with. It was old to begin with and after a while it started to show some unrepairable damage so I took it back. After a while my Son understood and the Car now is part of my decorations and lives with a large Teddy Bear in it on the top of my kitchen cabinets....So when I saw the topic Old Fashioned this painting came to mind.....The weather is beautiful today and warm. We haven't had a summer as of yet so everyone is enjoying the Sun....The kids are not thrilled with school as I wasn't either....We need to make the home front undesirable so I have suggested many chores with bread and water for dinner. It is a little easier to be strict with my Granddaughters as I wasn't with my own kids.....tee heee...Well off to work on some greeting cards with Mermaids and Fairies on them. I will share some later with you....Have a great weekend and remember to laugh a little especially at yourself!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acrobat IF

This little girl is in the middle of the big top! All the colors and patterns make her a bit dizzy, but she balances perfectly on the tight wire! This is my contribution to IF this week. This has been a busy week and the weekend is almost over, yes I am getting old as time is flying! One of the Grand kids has a cold so trying not to get nose to nose with her and catch her cold. I visited with an old friend and Iam reminded how nice it would be to get her back living near as she moved to Oregon. We both have things going on in our lives but when we get together we still manage to laugh like school girls and forget the traumas and everyday dramas that surround us. My Sister is here this week and we are going to help my Mother clean out some of her mounds of papers and cards she has stashed away. My Mother had a party for some friends yesterday. Most of them are in their late 80's and suffer from different minor things. The hearing is going as well as their minds, not to bad, but many subjects were discussed more than a couple of times. But that makes each time new and exciting. They laugh and sing and enjoy the time they spend together. I know that is the important thing just being in the now! Not looking ahead or behind but just now...hard to do... but something to try to do. So good luck with the now I will try but I don't think it will be easy........

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here is my IF Proverbs contribution. I wanted these three cats to be tough and scary a bit mean looking, not my usual fun and happy cat. This mouse has a surprise in store for him when he turns around as he has no idea that anyone is behind him, more or less this trio. I believe education in any form is power. My Father was a Jack of all trades and even a master of many. He let my Sister and I putter around in the garage with him. He taught us about hammers, saws and any thing else he was working on so we never knew "girls" were not supposed to do such things. I have such fond memories of spending time with him just hanging out. He was patient and calm and always seemed to know how to do anything! My Son is very much like my Dad and his Dad too. He never seems to see a job he can't do. I like that in a Man or should I say person. I try to do the same but being trapped in a feminine body has left me with not as much physical strength as I would like. And as I get older the limitations become more frustrating. Ugg!!! I will fight until the end!!! I just won't let anyone know if I'm having trouble doing something, bluffing is another good thing to know how to do....tee hee....I hope this little Mouse can bluff his way out of this situation..I'm betting he IS entertaining and smart and very, very fast!

Monday, September 6, 2010


The topic for Illustration Friday was Dessert this week. I thougth and thought and finally came up with this idea....hope you think it is fun!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost Labor Day!

It is Sunday and I suppose that it will seem like we are having two Sundays this week with Labor Day being tomorrow. I really like that as it gives me time to draw more. Tomorrow is also my Birthday. WOW 65 years did I get that old..? I'm lucky I think. And good health is a big part of it. I also think positive thinking helps sooooo much. My Mother was raised Christen Scientist as kept their idea of thinking in a good way and took doctors on as a positive thing. Its funny some of my fiends Mothers were raised the same way and lived up until their 90's. I know sometimes it is hard to look at the glass half full but it is easy for me as I don't think I know any better. So I'm looking at Social Security and Medicare as good and positive things. I am lucky enough to know my children's children, and to see what great kids I have. That is a good feeling! I think I enjoy myself more....that sounds funny I mean I have come to accept myself with all the good and bad and to say that is ME take it or leave it! I finished my contribution to Watercolor Wednesday, the long and the short of it. I love dogs and always am left in awe of their differences. This scene came to mind after hearing the topic. I always turn it in to a beach theme and I do love to feel the sea air on my nose and long to chase the gulls. tee hee....I also made Halloween stickers for "We love to Illustrate". I was going to make normal ones and then I was inspired by the Halloween items already out for sale. We have started decorating for it. I keep some of my favorite little ghouls out all years as I love their looks. I still am brain storming for Illustration Friday the topic is Desserts...too many things to think about....Well I better go for now I think talking about Desserts has made me hungry........have a great Holiday.....