Monday, May 13, 2013

IF Future

This little girl is dreaming about the day in the future she will be a bride! She has a dress in mind and I bet someday she will have her wishes come true. I hope so and then the fun begins. It is a hard time getting adjusted to someone else constantly in our lives. But if you take things slow and know that each day will be different it is easier. My family and I had a horrendous year with the loss of my Aunt her Husband, my Mother, my ex husband and my 12 year old cat rounded out the year. We were still reeling from the changes and a good friend of my Son and a pretend Son for me, killed himself. It has been two months and I am having moments of feeling somewhat normal, but afraid to relax. I read the quote that said "If you don't trust the future, you will never be free of the past". That hit me and I'm trying not to be afraid of tomorrow. Another quote I read went like this "You can't stop the birds of sadness from flying around your head, but you can keep them from nesting in you hair". That also hit me and I will wear a hat pulled down tight on my head to keep those sad birds from nesting! So we really never know what lies ahead, we need to put one foot in front of the other each day and just keep walking. Happy walking and Happy Future!

Friday, April 12, 2013

IF Wild

This is how some of the Wild animals celebrate! I hope we all can celebrate every day that we are given. Whether it be a lesson we need to learn or just a day of pure enjoyment! I live near the beach and every time I drive by I check to see if I can spot some Dolphins swimming close to shore. Often I see the circle of birds eating the remains of the pod on a feeding day. And when you look close you can see the little fins skimming the water. And on a really lucky day the beautiful beast are jumping and playing. The thrill never leaves me and I want to jump too and point it out to those that are passing by and haven't noticed the spectacular show that is going on! I wish for you today something that you will make you feel as I do when I see the wonderful performance. Good luck and have a great day!

Friday, March 1, 2013

IF Talent

This little mouse is hoping that his "Talent" will distract the cats, and make them forget that they want to eat him for dinner. As in real life sometimes I hope my "Talent" will carry me through the rough times and keep me from feeling the hard lesson  I am going through. When my 93 year old Mother was going through the last stages of life, sometimes reality was to much to face head on. I found myself in the room with her, my paper in hand and I was drawing my heart out. Instead of what I really wanted to do was cry my head off. Sometimes the ideas flowed easily from my pencil onto the paper. And other times the ideas just wouldn't come. But I do know without my drawing and creating ability, that which it is, I might not have come out with my brain in tact. I thank my many relatives, Mother especially, that passed the talent down the family line to little old me. I enjoy making others feel, smile and enjoy my expressions. And enough as I would like to think I do this to make others happy, I now know I NEED to be a creative person! It fills my soul and gives me meaning at this time in my life. So my friends embrace your "Talent" and fill your soul with what ever that talent might be. Because it is a gift, no matter what it is!. And you wouldn't let a gift sit around for years unopened, would you? I wouldn't and haven't and I try to open it again and again,everyday, it makes me feel soooooo wonderful. I hope it makes you feel something wonderful too!

Friday, January 25, 2013

IF Wings
This woman is finally finding her wings. She is brave enough to soar into the sky unafraid and ready for lies ahead of her. Like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz she is wearing her red slippers just in case she needs to return home. But for now she is ready, willing and able to walk through the door that has opened before her! Life is somewhat back to normal, the new normal as they say since our year of losses. I find I am breathing again but still aware that life is what happens when you are making plans. Miss the constants in my life and still forget from time to time that they are not there for me to check in with and to help me with the changes that lye ahead. Our health is soooo important and stuff is just what it is "stuff". And I have a lot of stuff. I'm enjoying creating new art work like this one I have posted. I paint and then cut and paste to make the picture. Love the texture and the shades I can get with this process. It is raining here today and very gloomy but it is really needed. We have several wonderful Whales being seen off the coast. I feel very lucky to live where within 5 minutes I can see Dolphins and Whales. That is something I really miss about loosing my dear cat Sadie. She was 12 years old and I was always dazed and amazed at how humans can communicate with each other. As we settled down to sleep at night she would cuddle and purr with delight. I will probably acquire another cat , but not now it's too soon, time will help heal the space left by her. But she will never leave the space in my heart! So hug your loved ones and remember how special our connections with each other are as you go on your day. Oh by the way have a wonderful weekend....YES!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

IF New

This cat is happy with his NEW pet! His owner can't understand where the fish keep going. He has had 3 pets in the last month. I can't imagine can you. Happy New Year to all of you. I am planning on a new and peaceful year filled with wonderful things. A bit cold here but I can't complain we are really spoiled in Ca. as the weather is usually so mild. Have a good rest of the week!