Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day before Halloween....

Elvis Elephant has been such a good little Elephant that his Mother has granted him a wish. It was to spend the whole day in bed eating goodies until he fell asleep. Not really a good idea but every once in a while you have to break the rules and let loose. We had wonderful rain last night and the air is sooo clear and some wonderful clouds are all around us. We always need the rain so it was a real treat to have some. My Sister is visiting as her birthday was Thursday and we need to celebrate. My youngest Granddaughter is downstairs baking a cake for the party and at my Sisters request hot fudge sundaes are on the menu. We also plan to carve some pumpkins and get in the Halloween mood. The kids are excited for trick or treating and my Mother is unhappy as at 91 she doesn't want to be bothered with any kids knocking on her door. We won't
have many kids as they all seem to be going to organized parties instead of going door to door. Safer and not as cold. I remember always feeling like a stuffed sausage with sweaters under my costumes and not really liking it. Now I feel stuffed without the sweater or costume...tee hee... More later as I must run I need to watch the baking and lick the bowls.......

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time races forward.....

This little Bunny is so excited his heart is racing after Betsy kissed him. It was his first kiss and he is sure he would like more of the same. Remember back to that first kiss and how wonderfully confused and excited you might have been. I was in 3rd or 4th grade and a little boy that had a crush on me planted one on my cheek. I don't remember doing much other than giggle, and times haven't changed I still giggle. I giggle as much as I can and not just about kissing. My Sister's Father-in-law just passed away after a year or so suffering from Altimers. You know I tend to put the realities of life in a place far away from my everyday activities. And when they hit you or someone you love you are reminded how frail we humans are. Death is one I particularly try to avoid thinking about. When I was 15 years ago my best friend developed Cancer and for 14 years I helped her deal with the everyday changes that the disease brought. Death and dying became a topic we discussed weekly. She fought with dignity and humor and lived a somewhat normal life for those years. I know now that what I experienced was information for me to share with others as my life has gone on and for me to remember in my own life. I wish I knew for sure what happens after we die, but when many have gone ahead, it makes the whole thing not quite so scary. I don't want to miss anything and I have so many more paintings to get out of my brain. I would hate to not have that option to do. I try to live everyday as if it were my last. But yes, even I have been guilty of taking the time for granted. So again with Mr. Stuzman's passing I will be mindful of how little time we really have. I will kiss my family more today and tell them I love them, as I do often, and take the time to really look at things! My Cat whiskers, the flowers in the back yard. And try to promise to just sit and do nothing but listen to life passing by. Have a great week.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

IF Spooky

This is my contribution for IF Spooky. This little Dragon/Lizard/? is not sure which is more SPOOKY the woods or his Father! Little does he know he will someday look just like his Dad a bit SPOOKY! It's rainy her today and will continue until tomorrow. I enjoy the little change of climate unless I have to get out in a downpour. Then it is not so much fun. News in my life of loved ones sick and facing challenges in their health. I never really knew how important HEALTH was. Call me stupid but until you face it, as you get what shall I say, OLDER. Quite a few years ago I had a bad asthma attack and ended up twice in one night in the hospital. As I stood looking out the window of my room in the middle of the night gasping for air,I was struck with how alone we all really are. I don't mean the lack of family or loved ones that care for us. But the oneness of each of us has. Basically it is our decision what happens to us in a crisis. And we alone feel the pain of what is done to get us back to health. It was a sad feeling, but at the same time gave me strength to take charge and move on. It was Thanksgiving time so my Son and his friend cooked the dinner and it was wonderful. The boys were so proud that they had done so well and I was proud of them for trying something they hadn't done before. To this day I don't dare complain about cooking holiday meals as my Son reminds me with a smile, of how easy it was for him. So something good came out of a painful moment. We will help all we can as a family to make our loved ones life a little easier. But I will be mindful that we can only do so much, for the will to live and the strength to carry on lies deep within ourselves. Oh a lighter note laughing is the best medicine. Years ago my girlfriends elderly Mother had pneumonia. After starting medicine she propped her up in bed with many soft pillows and rented the funniest movies she could get. The laughing really helped her Mother get well, I think a little faster than she would have with out the movies! Good job Jill!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

IF Mermaid Parade

The title for this weeks IF is Transportation. I thought a while and thought about the series of Mermaid paintings I did a while ago. This one with the pretty Mermaid being escorted through the water came to mind. She is enjoying spending time with her Seahorse friends and watching all the beautiful fishes swim by. What a great way to spend the day. I enjoy drawing pictures that have things you don't see right away. They remind me of the books we used to get as children that had many things hidden in it and we had to find the items. So in my paintings are always things to see, detail I call it but it is just the way my mind thinks. I call myself a victim of the Disney curse. Every thing has a soul and can come to life at a minutes notice. So every thing is treated like it is on the verge of speaking. I'm not really crazy..... I have a home that is full of what I call stimulation. I have been a collector and you can tell that about my house. I have many things that help me with my Art work and many things that are waiting for their turn to be my muse. I have a cute little pink Little People Dragon that my Son had, it is just making me smile right now and what' wrong with that. I had found at a garage sale a little china Pig, I think he is Pigling Bland from the Beatrice Potter books, and he made me smile. He also made my Sister smile and she longed for him to live with her. I kept him for a while and then when she needed him most he took the trip home with her. She told me she looks at him every day and does indeed SMILE. Wow how great is that. I think that is just what I want my Art to do to those that see it. It makes me Smile in return, and that is what it is all about!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Help me with my IF thumbnails......

If your reading this from IF... please help me be able to post my thumbnail. It was sized to 50x40 a size I thought would work . I couldn't get it to any closer to 50x50. Any suggestions I would appreciate the help!

Good luck in the rapids!

This is my contribution for the topic Beneath. This little fisherman is enjoying a beautiful not knowing what is lurking under the calm water! The outcome can be many things some good some not so good. Today is Sunday and my youngest Granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday. It seems like not to long ago she was born and we were holding the tiny bundle in our arms. She is already a full fledged girl, lip gloss and fingernail polish. I don't think Men really stand a chance against we women. She received many wonderful presents and some so clever I plan to play with them myself. I don't think we should ever stop getting toy's of some sort for different occasions. As we should never give up the inner child within us. I try hard to remember what is was like to feel the wonder of getting just what we wanted. Not that I don't get what I ask for now but sometimes I don't always know just what is the best for me at the time. I think I have given in to knowing that I don't have the control I thought I did, but at the same time trying not to be pushed into something I haven't really wanted. It's funny sometimes people think they know what is best for you, and the bottom line is maybe they really don't. Life was described some where as a river. We jump in and as long as we stay a float we will find what waits at the end of it. Some of us try to fight the flow and will always have a hard time living life. So each day I try to wade in (I'm not a fool) and see where the river takes me. Sometimes I am so delighted with the outcome I am in disbelief. Other days I wished I had time to put on a life jacket before entering the water. The new week is ahead and I wish all of you a life saver around you and the wisdom to know just how to navigate the currents. Remember to Love and laugh a lot too!