Monday, February 28, 2011


Every year at this time the Queen Bee waves her white handkerchief and starts the annual Swarming.This has been kept a secret until now and I feel this is a good time to tell the story. Queen Bees everywhere are doing the same and the drones swarm to the nearest garden and gather pollen for their Queen. I think it would be fun for a while to be that Queen! Much like when we were children our parents gathered what we needed to survive and happily gave it to us. Guess I'm just getting lazy in my old age and a bit tired of gathering my own goodies that I need to survive. I'm proud of being able to take care of myself in some way. Not in the manner in which I would like to be come accustom to, but doing it in some way. I saw a saying one time that said "I'm tired of looking for the meaning of life, all I want now is a cookie". I agree bring on the cookies, cakes and candies....tee hee....A bit cold here but sunny and that makes my Mother in a good mood. The cats are cuddly and I think miss their solar power they get from the Sun.....My friend is coming down tomorrow and a good time will be had. Sharing our feelings, trying to make sense out of getting older and only a few complaints about how it is harder to get around with the aches and pains of life. It is nice to have a cohort in crime and when our children are tired of listening we can share with each other. A trip to Laguna on Thursday to visit a friend. Life can't get much better. Hope you have a pleasant week ahead of you and if you are still and look very hard to might just see the Queen waving the bees on!

Monday, February 21, 2011


It was cold last night and I wished I had a few more cats to keep me warm. I just like this little girl have several blankets on my bed and most of the time my beautiful cat Sadie joins me. I survive much better when the weather is warm. I know 47 degrees is not cold for many of you, but for me it IS COLD. The sun is out today and I feel it is warming a bit, none to soon for me. The kids are out of time for the week and the compound as we call it is quiet. It always seems funny to have the lack of children around and not to hear the daily comings and goings of many people. I think I will paint something , do some paperwork and just be. Always to the market as my Mother is not able to make a meal needs something for dinner. I have a cold so as unusual as it is for me I'm not hungry. I like to make a meal that will last for a few days so lunches and a dinners are taken care of. So I will put on my thinking cap and try to come up with something to cook. I will be working on Wednesday and Thursday at the art gallery so lunch for those days is needed. The month that I will have my paintings in the gallery is almost over. I haven't sold any paintings but I think this experience has showed me that my heart lies in illustrating. When I work on canvas it takes way too long. And I enjoy the smaller size of most of my artwork. Exhibiting my work as been a good experience and I have met many interesting artist and seen some fabulous work. We are all so different with one thing in common the need to express ourselves through art. I enjoy when someone smiles when they see my work and tell me it makes me happy. That is a small thing but like your health it helps make the world seem a little better. So I will keep trying to make someone smile....I can be really can the world...sometimes to just have to look very carefully and have a margarita in hand!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I agree a sweater is for when a Mother gets cold. I remember my Mother always questioning my body temperature when I left the house. She used to bundle me up and made sure I had shoes on so I wouldn't get sick. I seemed to get just as sick as anyone else in fact the kids next door never wore shoes and sweaters and never seemed to be under the weather. I now seem to stay warm most of the time and don't need something to keep me warm. It doesn't get very cold her so I don't know how I would feel if I lived where it snowed and the weather was ugly.On another subject I want to wish you all a Happy Valentines day! I was attending a party at the gallery I have my paintings at and was surprised with a red rose from a nice Man that I had met earlier. Of course he was giving out roses to many Women but it was appreciated any way and made me feel special. He reminded me of a dear friend I had that always had the ability to make me feel special and attractive whether I felt that way myself. I hadn't seen my friend for some time when we saw each other at a local club. I didn't recognize him and he came up to me and told me who he was and looked at me as if I was nuts for not knowing him. I felt bad but I wasn't expecting him to be out as he was married and his wife was not with him. He wasn't hitting on me or being disrespectful to his marriage he just wanted to dance and in turn made me feel happy to see him. He was a police officer and had worked with my ex husband undercover and they as all officers that depend on each other for their own safety had become fast friends. I was glad I had that night with him dancing and catching up on our lives as he was killed with another officer shortly there after during a robbery gone bad. It was on Valentines Day about 10 years ago. Talk about living for the moment, we saw him one more time as he attended my Daughters wedding. He is missed and I sometimes miss the camaraderie the police department had. We were all pretty tight and all of the wives had the underlining fear that we might not see our husbands again when they left for work. Good times but hard at the same time. I always smile and wave at the officers in my city when I see them. Sometimes I hope they don't wonder why I do so or wonder what I am up too. Oh well I can't pass up the chance to say THANK YOU for all the hard work they do. So all this was off the subject of sweater but is it really? A sweater is made to protect us and so are the police. So maybe next time to see a officer of the law be sure to smile and if you have the chance to say thank you do so. You never know what lies ahead......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I sometimes seem to go in reverse so I understand how Sam the fish feels. I have been working at an Art Gallery I have joined and I'm not used to working out of the home. I feel really spoiled but that is how my career has been. I enjoy myself once I get there and use the down time to work so I'm just being a baby...I know boo hoo. The gallery is new so it is not very busy. It is in a shopping center that has a lot of restaurants so they are busy. Once in a while the people stumble in and seem to be glad that they have. I'm not sure I would want to do this forever maybe if I was getting paid I would love it. You know Money really does count.... as much as it seems to be the root of all evil.... I would love to be evil as I could...tee hee.....getting tired so will write later...I will try not to be in reverse tomorrow......