Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good luck in the rapids!

This is my contribution for the topic Beneath. This little fisherman is enjoying a beautiful not knowing what is lurking under the calm water! The outcome can be many things some good some not so good. Today is Sunday and my youngest Granddaughter celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday. It seems like not to long ago she was born and we were holding the tiny bundle in our arms. She is already a full fledged girl, lip gloss and fingernail polish. I don't think Men really stand a chance against we women. She received many wonderful presents and some so clever I plan to play with them myself. I don't think we should ever stop getting toy's of some sort for different occasions. As we should never give up the inner child within us. I try hard to remember what is was like to feel the wonder of getting just what we wanted. Not that I don't get what I ask for now but sometimes I don't always know just what is the best for me at the time. I think I have given in to knowing that I don't have the control I thought I did, but at the same time trying not to be pushed into something I haven't really wanted. It's funny sometimes people think they know what is best for you, and the bottom line is maybe they really don't. Life was described some where as a river. We jump in and as long as we stay a float we will find what waits at the end of it. Some of us try to fight the flow and will always have a hard time living life. So each day I try to wade in (I'm not a fool) and see where the river takes me. Sometimes I am so delighted with the outcome I am in disbelief. Other days I wished I had time to put on a life jacket before entering the water. The new week is ahead and I wish all of you a life saver around you and the wisdom to know just how to navigate the currents. Remember to Love and laugh a lot too!

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