Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day before Halloween....

Elvis Elephant has been such a good little Elephant that his Mother has granted him a wish. It was to spend the whole day in bed eating goodies until he fell asleep. Not really a good idea but every once in a while you have to break the rules and let loose. We had wonderful rain last night and the air is sooo clear and some wonderful clouds are all around us. We always need the rain so it was a real treat to have some. My Sister is visiting as her birthday was Thursday and we need to celebrate. My youngest Granddaughter is downstairs baking a cake for the party and at my Sisters request hot fudge sundaes are on the menu. We also plan to carve some pumpkins and get in the Halloween mood. The kids are excited for trick or treating and my Mother is unhappy as at 91 she doesn't want to be bothered with any kids knocking on her door. We won't
have many kids as they all seem to be going to organized parties instead of going door to door. Safer and not as cold. I remember always feeling like a stuffed sausage with sweaters under my costumes and not really liking it. Now I feel stuffed without the sweater or costume...tee hee... More later as I must run I need to watch the baking and lick the bowls.......

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  1. A beautiful illustration, what a lucky elephant to be treated like this.