Sunday, October 3, 2010

Help me with my IF thumbnails......

If your reading this from IF... please help me be able to post my thumbnail. It was sized to 50x40 a size I thought would work . I couldn't get it to any closer to 50x50. Any suggestions I would appreciate the help!


  1. Hi Penny, cute characters!
    What software do you use when trying to create the thumbnail? If it's Photoshop, you can use the crop tool - and type 50px for width and height. That lets you draw a rectangle and if you press enter, it resizes the cropped part automatically. Hope this helps.

  2. To add to what Til said, if you're working in PhotoShop, hold down the shift key while drawing the outline for the crop, and that will keep everything in a square. You'll lose some of your picture, so after drawing the square you can choose to move it up or down to get the best part of the picture. Hit enter when you've got it the way you want. You can also choose to just pick a square detail of the picture for thumbnail purposes.

    You can also distort the picture by going into image size and typing in the size you want. Click off the box for constrain proportions. If the original isn't too far off from square, sometimes this works fine.

  3. Thank you for your help. I don't have photoshop and I use my Lexmark printer studio. I add the photo then when I open the file I try to shrink to the thumbnail. It doesn't seem to want to make it square.Im still a bit computer stupid......

  4. Hi Penny! What a cute illo! I love your art.

    I use an Epson scanner. I open the file after saving it as a *JPEG.

    I reopen the picture in preview then cut out a the little square I would like to use as the thumbnail and do a file new from clipboard.

    Go to tools and adjust size.
    I use 64 x 66 pixels at 72 dpi which comes to long as you are under 15 KB it should work.

    ***When saving my file I use JPEG which tends to make the file smaller than some of the other file types. Hope this helps :)

  5. I will try to do the same with my printer/scanner. I hate being so dumb! Thanks for likeing my picture....