Monday, October 18, 2010

IF Spooky

This is my contribution for IF Spooky. This little Dragon/Lizard/? is not sure which is more SPOOKY the woods or his Father! Little does he know he will someday look just like his Dad a bit SPOOKY! It's rainy her today and will continue until tomorrow. I enjoy the little change of climate unless I have to get out in a downpour. Then it is not so much fun. News in my life of loved ones sick and facing challenges in their health. I never really knew how important HEALTH was. Call me stupid but until you face it, as you get what shall I say, OLDER. Quite a few years ago I had a bad asthma attack and ended up twice in one night in the hospital. As I stood looking out the window of my room in the middle of the night gasping for air,I was struck with how alone we all really are. I don't mean the lack of family or loved ones that care for us. But the oneness of each of us has. Basically it is our decision what happens to us in a crisis. And we alone feel the pain of what is done to get us back to health. It was a sad feeling, but at the same time gave me strength to take charge and move on. It was Thanksgiving time so my Son and his friend cooked the dinner and it was wonderful. The boys were so proud that they had done so well and I was proud of them for trying something they hadn't done before. To this day I don't dare complain about cooking holiday meals as my Son reminds me with a smile, of how easy it was for him. So something good came out of a painful moment. We will help all we can as a family to make our loved ones life a little easier. But I will be mindful that we can only do so much, for the will to live and the strength to carry on lies deep within ourselves. Oh a lighter note laughing is the best medicine. Years ago my girlfriends elderly Mother had pneumonia. After starting medicine she propped her up in bed with many soft pillows and rented the funniest movies she could get. The laughing really helped her Mother get well, I think a little faster than she would have with out the movies! Good job Jill!


  1. Aw what cute dragons!!! The background is super spooky!!!

  2. Cute dragons, I love your illustrations on the side bar! So fun and colorful! xo