Saturday, October 9, 2010

IF Mermaid Parade

The title for this weeks IF is Transportation. I thought a while and thought about the series of Mermaid paintings I did a while ago. This one with the pretty Mermaid being escorted through the water came to mind. She is enjoying spending time with her Seahorse friends and watching all the beautiful fishes swim by. What a great way to spend the day. I enjoy drawing pictures that have things you don't see right away. They remind me of the books we used to get as children that had many things hidden in it and we had to find the items. So in my paintings are always things to see, detail I call it but it is just the way my mind thinks. I call myself a victim of the Disney curse. Every thing has a soul and can come to life at a minutes notice. So every thing is treated like it is on the verge of speaking. I'm not really crazy..... I have a home that is full of what I call stimulation. I have been a collector and you can tell that about my house. I have many things that help me with my Art work and many things that are waiting for their turn to be my muse. I have a cute little pink Little People Dragon that my Son had, it is just making me smile right now and what' wrong with that. I had found at a garage sale a little china Pig, I think he is Pigling Bland from the Beatrice Potter books, and he made me smile. He also made my Sister smile and she longed for him to live with her. I kept him for a while and then when she needed him most he took the trip home with her. She told me she looks at him every day and does indeed SMILE. Wow how great is that. I think that is just what I want my Art to do to those that see it. It makes me Smile in return, and that is what it is all about!!!!!

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  1. lovely illustration, what a great way to travel!