Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never let the Dog drive........IF

I saw a similar picture in a magazine and after a few changes it ended up like this. I changed the little boy to look like my Dad and how he dressed many years ago and the Cat now looks like my Cat Sadie. The Car is very much like the one I bought many moons ago and gave to my Son to play with. It was old to begin with and after a while it started to show some unrepairable damage so I took it back. After a while my Son understood and the Car now is part of my decorations and lives with a large Teddy Bear in it on the top of my kitchen cabinets....So when I saw the topic Old Fashioned this painting came to mind.....The weather is beautiful today and warm. We haven't had a summer as of yet so everyone is enjoying the Sun....The kids are not thrilled with school as I wasn't either....We need to make the home front undesirable so I have suggested many chores with bread and water for dinner. It is a little easier to be strict with my Granddaughters as I wasn't with my own kids.....tee heee...Well off to work on some greeting cards with Mermaids and Fairies on them. I will share some later with you....Have a great weekend and remember to laugh a little especially at yourself!!!!


  1. Nice illo! I'm always a sucker for anything with dogs, especially one as cute as the bulldog in your illo.

  2. Hehehehe! Nice one Penny! My dog asked for the car keys last night. i wish I would have checked your blog first.... he still hasn't returned home!!

  3. What a great illustration, Penny! Full of richness of detail..and great that you added touches of your dad too. It's wonderful to see your visit - I thank you! And thanks for your contributions to's super to get feedback and to see what everyone comes up with, too! Thanks Penny!