Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today is starting our very busy. Some days just take on a life of their own. I may plan something or think about what I am going to create today and before I know it something else has taken place. I feel so bad my 91 year old Mother is having a hard time seeing. She has had successful surgery for glaucoma and we are waiting to see if cataract surgery will help. I wish I could instill some excitement into her life. Most of her friends have passed away and she seems to have lost her desire to do anything short of some small tasks. My family all try to touch base with her each day but since she can't hear very well, it is hard to carry on a conversation. It is a double edged are lucky enough to live long but if you can't hear or see ....why. I know I am learning patience. I always thought I had it but I really must reach down deep into my pockets to find more.....I have some jobs in the wings and that is exciting. And some new fairy animal paper dolls I want to work on. I will post what I have made I think they are fun. Love checking out all the artist on "Illustration Friday". What talent I feel like each blog/website is a new present for me. WOW is my reaction to their work and what they have to say. Ripple is also exciting as Kelly is posting some new things from Children's Book Illustrators that are established. I can hardly wait to do my first book. I have a book I have done, but don't know how to get it published....working on that. Off to chase lions, tigers and bears....or should I say the general public.....I will let you know who wins the animals or me....tee hee!

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  1. Hey Penny! Love the GIANT sunflowers! Great idea and so delightful!