Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is close to the end of June. OK I will sound old. Where did the time go? July is here and of course the 4th of July Parties. When the kids were little we had huge block parties. Bicycle parades, ping pong, water melon seed spiting contest and of course fire works...We had many a good time and one year when I decided I didn't want to take out the insurance waver at the city to block off the street, no one else would do it. Oddly that was the beginning of the end of our block. People moved, marriages dissolved, and friendships that we thought were forever, ended. We had quite a run, and I do remain friends with many of my neighbors. My kids were lucky enough to grow up with that security behind them and it is good. So off we go to a new party this year ,not the same but life isn't. I think life is like a river it always runs and we choose to jump in and take a chance we can swim or just stand on the side and watch. I prefer to jump in and much to my surprize many wonderful new things happen when I do. So Im off to swim tomy best ability today. I will let you know if I need a life preserver tossed in!

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