Friday, July 23, 2010

IF Double

Good morning on this gray and cloudy day! My posting for IF is a Father's Day card I made a while back. I think there is never much of a choice for Father's Day so this is one of the ones I created. Living near the Beach I always think of the colorful clothes we all wear and sometimes the Fathers have cornered the market on fancy and fun shirts. This Father likes looking at two of himself in the reflective glasses as he feels he is pretty spiffy! .....Busy weekend some high school friends are in town for an "all school" reunion as Mira Costa High turns 60 years old. Meeting a few at the local watering hole, Ercoles tonight and the school tomorrow. It is funny in a town that has changed into a upscale place full of not so nice people, that a few originals we call ourselves "Beach Trash" still function very well. People say there are no real people left but you can find them if you travel in the right circles. I think real always stays while pretend and phony will vanish like the tides in the ocean. I get a bit bitter sometimes but then I always feel so lucky to live near the Sea it all goes away. So onward to the weekend and hope I can keep up up with the flow!


  1. Hi Penny,
    very beautiful and sweet illustration!
    I like!

  2. Perfect post for double and for the feeling of summer! I love the texture on the bear! Lovely!

  3. Too cute, I love teddy bears.