Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday or's your choice.....

It is another overcast day here in Manhattan Beach. We have been having such late summers it is hard to believe it is Summer. I have been trying to help Mom with her eyes and keep her happy as the cloudy days really bother her. Sometimes it is hard to be the optimistic person when you come up against such grumpiness early in the morning. I finished a painting I had set aside so I feel good I hate to have unfinished art lying about. I will post a picture of it as soon as my camera batteries charge. The family has been camping and are returning today. I hear they had fun and probably will be tired as you really never sleep well if your not in your own bed. The cats are playing musical houses. To Mom's and then My house and sleeping different places each night. I suppose it is because they CAN! Participated on the website "We love to illustrate" That is fun. So between Ripple, Illustration Friday and We love to Illustrate I sould keep my creative mind working.....Have a great week and remember to stop and smell....I mean stop and smell the Roses or any other flower that you find around!

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