Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here is my contribution for IF topic Diary. I sometime think my imagination is all that gets me through the tough times. As long as I create and have the ability to express myself nothing can get me down. It for me is like breathing. And sometimes as I think all artist do, just create and make something without any of the outcome mattering. I was thinking that this little girl didn't have a perfect life but as long as she can write and express herself she will be OK. I love Elephants so this is a good excuse to get one in a picture. I got the computer to like me this week and I was successful in posting this picture....maybe Im just a little more careful and did like is suggested to do SLOW DOWN...not a bad idea anyway... I always wonder what we are rushing so fast to. The weekend is here so Im hoping to get my home in order, good luck, I say to myself but I do have the intentions....I know were is paved with good intentions....Have a great week and I do love Ripple and Illustration Friday... and feel priviledged to be able to participate in both...


  1. I love the entry from a little girl's perspective... even if it is imaginary, it describes her personality... Cute. You have a lively way of capturing a scene... great for kid's books I think... I'll be back!

  2. Wow! It's wonderful to discover your illustrations! What a very creative take on the IF prompt! So whimsical!

    And of course, Queen Bee and Butterfly Have Tea is just simply wonderful. Wow! Look at all of the details. Your characters are incredibly sweet. Thank you for taking the time to visit We Love to Illustrate for Children! It's great that you participated!! All the best.