Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi again, I feel so stupid I tried to list my picture on IF and finally go the blog to show up but never the thumbnail. I had done it twice before and succeeded , Oh well better luck for me next week. I hope that the others get deleted. This picture is for a book I'm working on called "The Secret in Grandma's Garden". I love Sunflowers and the color they bring to a room. Today has been busy again and I have alot of work to do. I freelance designer for some toy company's in Southern California. It is fun and getting paid is also fun too. My Granddaughter sold her painting for Ripple so we need to get it in the mail. To those that comment on my work each week I thank you. I feel so faltered that other artist like what I do. Have a great Friday I'm off to the 99cent store they had Lavender plants for do you believe it 99cents...Hope there are still some left. Byee have a happy day and don't let the unhappy people win...SMILE at startles them and they wonder what we know that they don't! ..and in truth we do....we really do!

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