Monday, June 6, 2011

IF Shadows

This little bear is amazed how his familiar woods now look a bit scary at night in the shadows. It is funny or should I say peculiar how that can happen. Some place that we know quite well can look different in the night. My back yard is a good example. We have two giant pine trees that were a few years ago 4 feet high Christmas trees. When the wind is blowing and it is very dark I don't think I would like to spend a lot of time out there alone. I know that it is quite safe but the sounds that radiate from that space are spooky. We have Raccoons and Opossums and a few other small animals that live and visit on a regular basis. And some times I wonder if other creatures are lurking about. Nothing to large as to threaten me but I guess you never know, after all in the horror films that is where horrible things happen.....Just kidding about that last thing but isn't that what we are all afraid of? The unknown! If we all knew (FOR SURE) just what happens after death we might not be afraid of it. So then when a awful illness happened we wouldn't be unhappy but look at it as the key to something better. I wonder if we would live any different....I was next door to my Grandparents home this weekend. This wonderful little house is not in the family anymore and I find myself wanting to enter it. I know subconsciously I am hoping my Grandparents might be inside waiting to love me. I know better but the desire to feel them and their love is appealing. There are no shadows in that house.....I think as we get older the shadows seem to be less and the light more. Oh yea, that is what that means, I say a lot...and if you do this it might help....The path is different the goals are changing. I'm not sure just what they are but I still work with the same enthusiasm but with a bit more confidence, on a good day....I wish for your shadows..only light and moments of pure clarity. Clarity that you are on the right path.....the path you have chosen...good luck and remember only you are the one looking back at you in the mirror at night. Try to make that person smile as much as you can with your efforts......byeeeee