Monday, June 13, 2011

IF Swept

My little brown bear loves to sweep and is doing a really good job of it. I can see that he doesn't get around to cleaning very often by the amount of interesting things floating in the air. He is a bear after my own heart. I think a clean house is a boring house. Sometimes when things fall on the floor I leave them where they fall as I know where they are and will remember if I need them. I seem to have good intentions, I know the road to Hell is paved with those same good intentions, but I do plan on doing the cleaning each and every day. I get started working on a picture and I know all of you fellow artist understand how it is to much fun to stop and gee "things can wait until tomorrow" thus bringing my intentions full circle. School is almost finished and none to soon. The Grand kids are more than ready to claim their time as their own. I know we will be hearing the famous words "I'm board" the first week. But the ability to sleep in for them will be the best part of the summer. Nothing to large planned, just relax and enjoy the weather. ...we will pray for some warm days and blue sky's and some good times with friends and back yard looks like a small forest, just the way I like it and I plan on spending some time back there. My Cat Sadie loves to hunt lizards and seems to find many different sizes and types always bringing them in to show me. I catch them and let them go as she loudly complains...maybe if I sit with her in the yard she will just hunt them.....catch and release without my help...I think that is wishful thinking....better go for now....hope all is going well and may you have many wonderful memories this Summer! I know you will try!