Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IF Midsummer Night

If you took a chance and peeked at this site without the thumbnail. Please excuse me. I bought a new printer and the thumbnail wouldn't take. I tried another thumbnail I had posted before and IT didn't work. This is sooooo frustrating as I just got all this down.....grumble, grumble..................ANYWAY........Amanda is feeling so relaxed on this Midsummer Night that she has decided to take a little nap. The weather is warm and the night seems magical with the night moths flying about. Talking about Moths, we once had a cat that used to catch the moths at night and bring them into the house to eat. We would hear loud crunching and new instantly what was happening. I would have loved to let me go, but by the time they arrived in the house they were already on the way to Moth heaven. Cats are really smart but you have to overlook they're eating habits. My Cat Sadie loves to catch mice and chase them about in the bathtub. If I know what is going on I always catch and release but sometimes I'm to late. She leaves the organs and sometimes the tails. Not nice to look at! I try to make sure she has plenty to eat but I think Cats will be Cats. I don't think I have any meaning to look for today, my knee hurts and I think my sense of humor is missing. Oh well see you next week.....

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