Saturday, May 28, 2011

IF Asleep

My Great Neice Rosie told her Mother she was going to be asleep in the closet. I was sent a picture that I took this illustration from. Rosalie is too cute and has given me many ideas to work from with her cute little face...She is the baby in the family right now and reminds me of how cute the kids are at this age, she's two. She is the first Grandchild on both sides of her family as I was and what a great place to be. I couldn't have gotten more love if I had tried and have fond memories of all of my Grandparents. The foods I ate, the beds I slept in, and the warm and fuzzy feeling I always had. My Grandparents, even after more children arrived, always made me feel as if I was the most important one and of course I wanted to believe it. I try with my Grandchildren to do the same. It is a bit different as we all live together. We have our own spaces but when they spend the night with me its right next door. I tend to be a little critical of them when they misbehave as I see it. But I really do try to step back and be the fun part of their lives. They are growing so fast and before I know it they will not want to bother with me or their parents. So I will keep a blind eye to their bad deeds(who am I kidding?) and feed them ice cream and cookies and other things their parents don't want them to have. Life is funny and a bit of a tight wire act. We are always looking for balance ...lets hope I can find it....and lets hope Rosie keeps doing cute things I can draw about!


  1. Adorable. I have memories of doing this, and my own children did too. : )

  2. Great post Penny. Funny story and great illo!

  3. Beautiful art Penny. I absolutely adore all of them!