Sunday, June 19, 2011

IF Launch

This sailor while walking the plank, was surprised to meet the "Face that Launched a Thousand Ships"! (at least the face that launched this ship) She was staring out ahead as if looking for her long lost Sailor. I think the damsel in distress on board the ship can't figure out just what her boyfriend is looking at....Much like in true life, we are always trying to know what the other is thinking. After years of doing just that I know now that what they are thinking is none of my business. I can't remember who said that but I believe it to be true. Quite a few years ago I was visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona. My friend and I had gone from L.A. to Arizona on a Harley Motorcycle. He was looking around for a new place to live and I went along for the ride. We had fun and were walking along the edge of the canyon. I was taken by the beauty and how wonderful the trip had been. I looked at my friend and asked him "What are you thinking?", knowing I was feeling warm and fuzzy and full of wonder. He snapped back at me and replied. " I was thinking of how hard it is to get along with you". You might as well as pushed me off the cliff as I thought everything was going along swimmingly. We didn't speak all the way back to Flagstaff. He then opened up that he was unhappy with himself as he didn't want to live anywhere new we had been. And was hoping I would love one of the places so he could then love it too. That was the last time I ever ask that burning question again. At least to a man friend. I know that Men and Women don't think alike. And wanting to know all their thoughts is a BIG mistake. I now just smile when faced with wanting to ask THE THINKING question. After all it is just important what I think of myself. And my thoughts about many things sometimes don't need to be expressed. As do others want to share their ideas and thoughts with you. I know communication is important in a relationship but not always. So next time you feel all warm and fuzzy and look into your significant others eyes and want to ask What are you Thinking?...stop and you really want to know the might be more than you want to you want to take the chance of finding out just what he Does think......It is Fathers wonderful Daddy passed away in 1978 at the age of 60. He had so much more to give and see, but I remember one day he mentioned that he thought he had lived in a wonderful time, he had seen, electricity, computers, Men on the Moon,and transportation of all kinds to name a few. He had seen a lot and done many of the things he aspired to do. But best of all he was a Man of Character. He meant what he said and was ALWAYS there for me and my family. He was funny, and laughing was an everyday event. His hugs were real and his smile lite up the room. Jim Wakeland you are truly missed! But thank you for the legacy you left me and my Sister. I try everyday to live a life you would be proud of...I know you are watching!

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