Monday, May 23, 2011

IF Soaked

This little Elephant loves to take hot bubble baths. He gets all the tub toys he can find and anything else he thinks he might need and heads for a long soak. I also like to take a long bath and relax for a while. I don't take the time much anymore to do this and maybe this posting will prompt me to take up the habit again. I don't think we are always as nice to ourselves as we are to others.....I have a nasty headache I can't shake to day so I will write more tomorrow when I feel better I just wanted to get this posted....see you tomorrow... It is now tomorrow...and I feel better. I went to bed and slept whatever it was off. Not quite ready to jump and dance but better is good I will take it. I will be making a plush dog today as I am going to sign with a rep that does the Teddy Bear Shows and works her bottom off to do good for her clients. It has been difficult getting back into the three dimensional projects as I really do love illustrating. But until I get a book published or find some work in that field gotta pay the bills. Gathering the materials for my creations is fun and inspires me onward. ...Well I better go for now but before I say goodbye I want to wish the people the best that are devastated by the Tornadoes in the mid west. I will be thinking about you and wishing I could give you all hugs! As I can't even wrap my mind around what it is like to loose so much of their lives...

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  1. Great fun Penny! I love all the delicious details! NICE!