Sunday, May 15, 2011

IF Safari

This little traveler has decided to make as many friends as she can on her Safari into the jungle. And these little monkeys are delighted to see her and her offerings. She seems unafraid as she approaches these wild animals and they seem unafraid of the HUMAN that is looking at them. Perhaps it is the smile on her face. The calmness she has as she only wants good for the monkeys. I think that sometimes a smile will break down barriers that we humans have put up for one reason or another. I find laughter will also work but I know that some of us are so deeply sadden by life and its ups and downs that nothing at that moment will help! So I keep trying as the pay off for me is the smile on the un expecting victims face. We all just want to be happy and loved and sometimes that in itself is hard to make happen. Today it is rainy and dark. Little patches of blue sky are peeking out at me and the sky is soooo beautiful. I enjoy the different days and try to always find something good in them. The other day I was driving along the road closest to the beach. I looked up and there was three separate groups of Pelicans flying very low in formation along the road. They were soaring and gliding their way South. I was so fascinated I stopped to enjoy the show. My Son had seen the same spectacular site himself last week and we shared in our delight. What wonderful things nature has for us to experience. I hope I never loose the excitement in seeing it. So if you can get out of your own way today try to find something wonderful for you to take in, it might be in your own backyard! Check it out!


  1. Love these cute monkeys!
    Great way to interpret the safari theme, by seeking the positives! Here's a smile for you- :o)

  2. Very clever. I love the monkeys.

  3. I love the three monkeys and your sense of surface design against the black background.