Saturday, April 30, 2011

IF Lesson

This strong man and sweet elephant are about to learn a lesson in the fine art of balance with the addition to their act of that tiny butterfly! It is funny how delicate balance can be. Whether it be trying to balance work and family, or friend relationships. I always say that we all do a dance. And what the outcome is depends on who will join our different dances. For example when we find ourselves in a bad mood, who joins us sometimes makes the mood change. If we refuse to join the bad mood dance and choose to change the dance the bad mood person seldom will dance alone. I don't know if we choose to be in a bad mood or if the many ingredients of our lives set the tone. Again comes balance, did we eat and what did we eat, did we get enough sleep. There are so many reasons that a person might feel crabby. I try to fight bad moods and encourage others to SNAP OUT OF IT! But sometimes we have the weight of the world on our backs and as I say "have fallen down the rabbit hole". In my drawing the lesson that anything even something as lovely as a butterfly can change the balance of the day. So we must be aware of the lessons as we trudge along in this silly life. My friend once said "what does it matter, we will all be gone in a hundred years"? Well it matters to me now. I want to live in the moment balancing my players and dancers. I want to help my Granddaughters learn the right lessons from what happens in their lives. How to handle disappointment and even happiness when others around them might not be as happy. How complicated it all is....I know I woke up in a good mood today. I hope I can learn my first lesson of the day patience with my Mother. I will remember how hard it is for her, to be so confused and unaware. Life for her is getting smaller everyday. I will try to balance her life with mine....and if that tiny butterfly lands on us, may it be welcomed with open arms knowing that it will teach us just another lesson in life..........get out there and look out for the butterflies.....


  1. Hey Penny! Prayers for you and your mother. Life is hard sometimes. Choose joy! It can reroute our whole day. I've lived too many years in the rabbit hole.
    Love your balancing act! Great characters Penny! :o)

  2. Wonderful illustration! I can relate well to this post, as I watch my Mom, too! Sending you prayers and warm wishes.