Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IF Bottled

WOW, I finally got my computer fixed and I figured out how to shrink the picture to make it a thumbnail. My friend was nice enough to fix my computer that had been attacked by a virus, yes, I have virus protection. But in the operation some new parts we installed. "Paint" was one of them and I just couldn't figure out how to shrink my drawings. I'm still playing with the larger ones but I figured out how to make the thumbnail for IF. Iam soooo grateful my friend Paul took the time to help me with this machine I have become so dependent on. I don't really like the idea of having the computer being so important but....what else can I do but join in on the fun....So Iam back up and running with a few bugs to work out... I get confused dpi...K....Mb....pix...I have to much in my tiny brain already. ....had a nice weekend changed some furniture around again, as I live in an open loft it is easy to create spaces. Never enough room but it is fun anyway....found out an old friend is really sick and waiting some test to find out just what is wrong. Boy I have always thought car mechanics and Doctors are about the same. Both are never really sure what is wrong with their clients and do what they can to make them work the best they can.....Mike, I wish you an excellent Dr. and Mechanic....and send you love and strength...Not fun getting older but it seems to be the only game in town. I still learn something new everyday about life and especially about myself. I am a complicated human with many faults but my bottom line is always to make others feel better for coming into contact with me. That doesn't always happen and I have definitely found I can't win a hate or unhappiness challenge. I won't try to win at that game and others seem to have their ability to hate and be unhappy in their blood. Or after years of those traits being used they have perfected that ability....Well I need to keep on moving and try to get my home back in order. I will show some pictures soon, its fun I have collected a lot of STUFF and have decided to put some of it out so I can enjoy it all the time....Have a great day it is beautiful here I hope it is where you are too!


  1. You have a sweet style. I like your work. Hope your friend gets better.

  2. Hey penny! Glad you are all repaired and virus -free. :o) The blog looks great as well as your latest work. Love the bottled love! Wonderful! (praying for Mike)

  3. Sweeeet. As usual. : )

    My computer had been dying for the past several weeks and finally gave up the ghost a couple days ago. I ended up getting a new laptop and just got it set up today!