Friday, April 15, 2011

IF Journey

I like to think that everyday when we slide out of bed that we are beginning a new journey! We sometimes have an idea of what we will encounter as we continue on. But then we really don't know what will unfold through out the day.Our house seems to have a revolving door in it. And that is the way I like it. You never know who will come over and what they have on their minds. We live in a city that has grown very sophisticated. There is more money here than our sleepy little town could have ever imagined being. Some of the new people are a bit plastic and seem to have cell phones stuck to their ears. I just want to scream at them when I see them going through the check stand at the market or doing bank transactions without ever making conversation to the checkers or tellers. They have missed the chance to make contact with another human being. I feel they don't want to bother or that they are just too important to deal with such trivial issues. Aside from the snotty ones you can find the Manhattan Beach Natives. Down to earth and just plain happy to be lucky enough to be living in a wonderful beach town. We have been here for years and never forget to be in awe of our surroundings. Many of the parents of the children that my Granddaughters go to school with are surprised to find us when they first come over. I always tell them there are lots of we old timers in town you just have to look for them. So when friends drop over I always learn something new from our conversations. As I said before I feel I learn something new everyday weather it be about myself or others I find that exciting. So I guess to tie this to the IF topic Journey is that my family sharing their journey is something to be thankful for. As each and every person, even if they are irritating also bring something to the table. I find listening more valuable that I did before and try to do that first before I express and idea or opinion.....Oh it is time for me to continue on my life journey..have to run to the market and of course the 99cent store.....good luck on your life's journey and don't forget to listen and take note of what has happened is part of the plan......


  1. It certainly sounds like you are enjoying your life's journey. I totally adore your illo of the mercat. This past winter, more than ever, I desperately wanted to journey to a place with a warmer climate. But it never happened. :p