Monday, April 25, 2011

IF Bicycle

When I was drawing this it reminded me of the wonderful feeling that I had riding my bike on the way home from a day of cutting and pasting at my girlfriends house up the street. Her Mother was one of the only Mothers that truly was happy to let us do arts and crafts at the big table in the kitchen. We would paint and draw to our hearts content and then the day became perfect with the bike ride down the hill. I still can feel the wind in my hair and the way I didn't have to stop until I hit my driveway. Her Mother still lives up the street and at 88 is just starting to show her age. I drive, only in my car now, that same route quite often. Many houses have come and gone on the streets along the drive but I still can find a few hold outs that remain standing strong among the new hotel like houses in the neighborhood. I have always to follow in my girlfriends Mother's path and welcome art projects on my large farm table in my kitchen. Paint comes up easy and doesn't hurt the wood. In fact it seems to add to the charm of it...... I hope you all had a pleasant Easter. We ate good food and hit brightly colored Easter eggs and laughed at the kids as they hunted them down. My youngest Granddaughter especially loved the adventure. My Son held her high in the air to reach the eggs hidden in the tree much to her delight. She loved hiding the eggs from her Sister and Cousin and Aunties. And much to my surprise we found all the eggs after we hid them. We usually always have one or two that we can't find and magically appear months later a little worst for wear. We I was small my dog would bury the eggs he found after the hunt and then dig them up later for a real taste treat......ugg....My Mother turned 92 on Saturday so we celebrated her Birthday yesterday too. She has lost her short term memory and gets so offended when we mention anything she had done that needs to be noticed. What a game we play everyday trying not to hurt her feelings and keep her safe, but it is necessary for her well being. Oh well she forgets she was unhappy soon anyway......tee hee....have a great week and I hope the weather gets warm and sunny for all of us soon........


  1. That special feeling of sprouting wings when you ride a bicycle really comes across in your illo. My mother was also the kind of mother that loved to gather kids around the table for arts and crafts. Thank you for reminding me. :D

  2. The egg hunt was fun. I can't wait for the day my bike's tire will be finally fixed for good - since we failed the last attempt. :(
    I was glad that your mommy sat outside and watch the egg hunt on the beautiful Sunday.