Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost Labor Day!

It is Sunday and I suppose that it will seem like we are having two Sundays this week with Labor Day being tomorrow. I really like that as it gives me time to draw more. Tomorrow is also my Birthday. WOW 65 years did I get that old..? I'm lucky I think. And good health is a big part of it. I also think positive thinking helps sooooo much. My Mother was raised Christen Scientist as kept their idea of thinking in a good way and took doctors on as a positive thing. Its funny some of my fiends Mothers were raised the same way and lived up until their 90's. I know sometimes it is hard to look at the glass half full but it is easy for me as I don't think I know any better. So I'm looking at Social Security and Medicare as good and positive things. I am lucky enough to know my children's children, and to see what great kids I have. That is a good feeling! I think I enjoy myself more....that sounds funny I mean I have come to accept myself with all the good and bad and to say that is ME take it or leave it! I finished my contribution to Watercolor Wednesday, the long and the short of it. I love dogs and always am left in awe of their differences. This scene came to mind after hearing the topic. I always turn it in to a beach theme and I do love to feel the sea air on my nose and long to chase the gulls. tee hee....I also made Halloween stickers for "We love to Illustrate". I was going to make normal ones and then I was inspired by the Halloween items already out for sale. We have started decorating for it. I keep some of my favorite little ghouls out all years as I love their looks. I still am brain storming for Illustration Friday the topic is Desserts...too many things to think about....Well I better go for now I think talking about Desserts has made me hungry........have a great Holiday.....

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  1. Happy birthday Penny! Hope it's a lovely day for you :) Thanks so much for sharing your stickers with us - they are awesome! I just love that kooky little smiling skull, and that winged purple zebra is SSOOOOO cool!