Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acrobat IF

This little girl is in the middle of the big top! All the colors and patterns make her a bit dizzy, but she balances perfectly on the tight wire! This is my contribution to IF this week. This has been a busy week and the weekend is almost over, yes I am getting old as time is flying! One of the Grand kids has a cold so trying not to get nose to nose with her and catch her cold. I visited with an old friend and Iam reminded how nice it would be to get her back living near as she moved to Oregon. We both have things going on in our lives but when we get together we still manage to laugh like school girls and forget the traumas and everyday dramas that surround us. My Sister is here this week and we are going to help my Mother clean out some of her mounds of papers and cards she has stashed away. My Mother had a party for some friends yesterday. Most of them are in their late 80's and suffer from different minor things. The hearing is going as well as their minds, not to bad, but many subjects were discussed more than a couple of times. But that makes each time new and exciting. They laugh and sing and enjoy the time they spend together. I know that is the important thing just being in the now! Not looking ahead or behind but just now...hard to do... but something to try to do. So good luck with the now I will try but I don't think it will be easy........


  1. What fun colors and patterns!

    i'm rooting for her ;)

  2. I love your illustration! Beautiful colours!

  3. Aww so cute and brilliant!! Nice work Penny!