Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Monday has rolled around and I hit the deck not running but walking. My poor 91 year old Mother is slowly fading into the background. It is hard to watch her drifting in and out of reality. I have always kidded that I live in a fantasy world with all my drawings , doll and Teddy Bears. But to REALLY do it must be horrible. Like a bad dream that you can't wake up from. She has had eye surgery and we are waiting for the final surgery's to see if they have helped but now I'm not sure she will know if it helps or not. My Father died in 1978 at the age of 60. It was way to early as he had so much to still do and share with the world. Now Mom is here but not all the time. My family and I have decided to face this challenge as we do with most, with HUMOR. Find something we can laugh about and change the sadness to smiles. Not really big smiles but small pleasant ones that will make the situation easier. It works and Mother is not as afraid and seems to be happier. So the song verse" Smile though your heart is breaking" has new meaning for us. We are not the first family to face this fork in the road and certainly not the last. So I pray for patience and guidance and most to be able to smile though the tears as life marches on.....and always look for that one little thing that will make you SMILE if only for a moment.......Have a great week.....

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  1. Your outlook on life is wonderful. I too have been trying to smile through out my Mum's illness.