Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IF Obsession

So obsessed you can't see straight! Have I ever been there? I don't think so. I sometimes feel my emotions run shallow as I watch people get soooo excited about some things in their lives. Celebrities, Coffee, Shoes, Television programs, the list continues. I remember being a little obsessed with my first real crush in high school. Walking home from school with my girl friends calling each other by the last name of our crushes. And writing my name as if I was his wife. That all sounds so silly now but then I was really hopeful that things would end up the way I was hoping. Not many of us girlfriends ended up with those crushes, we went on to others and made full and happy lives. I remember one of my friends used to boast that she was never going to clean toilets...My Mother used to laugh and say "Never say never". But the reality has been shown through the years and by gum, ( as they used to say) she hasn't had to clean many a toilet. Her high school crush became her husband and she has had help cleaning for most of her life. I now wish I would have made more outlandish statements....I will never want for money.... I will never be fat....I will never miss a love in my life.....statements about things I might like in might life right now. ...I'm not complaining,but money brings options, being at the right weight limits the things that are not uncomfortable doing, and having a male companion is always fun....still without those things in my life I am happy. I look into myself all the time and manage to keep myself busy and interested in most everything....I think being an artist is what gets me through the times that are not so good! ....I attended an Art Walk this Saturday. And as a participant I was ask to demonstrate my work. I don't really paint on demand so, I cut out some of my greeting cards I make and I gave them out to people brave enough to find out about what I was doing. I met a little 9 year old girl. She was so cute and excitedly told me that she was an artist too. I encouraged her to keep on working and every day she would get better. I gave her a couple of my prints and when I saw her later she was telling me how she was looking for all the fun things I had put into my Halloween print. Smiling ear to ear she left waving at me. I knew then that my art had done just what I had hoped....Make just one person SMILE.....so after all maybe I am Obsessed, obsessed with my art and the ability to reach a person on a personal level and to help them feel better!....If that is the case I am Obsessed!

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  1. Complements on making the day of a little girl! What could be more important than that?
    Love your work!