Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IF Imperfect

This little girl has worked very hard to make her Mother this cake. She is sooo excited to present it to her. And I think from the look on her Mother's face the cake is a big hit! My Grandmother used to make the best white cakes with white icing and place it on a white milk glass plate. She knew it was my favorite so every birthday she would make me one. I'm sure my face looked much like the little girls in my picture. I have the stove my Grandparents bought in 1935. I use it everyday and think of them all the time. When my oldest Granddaughter was about 3 years old. I had her make a cake (white of course) and use my Grandmothers old bowls and bake it in my oven. It was delicious of course and if I can find the picture I took I will post it....I was going through old photos of my family this weekend. Both paternal and fraternal. I have always wondered if I would have been friends with my Grandparents if we had not been related but been the same age. I think I would have liked them and I hope they would have liked me too. ...Overcast skies today and a chance of clearing later...these skies depress my already depressed pray for Sun....working on my greeting cards later and hope for some time outside as I like the grey skies for a change....have a good one and buy yourself a cupcake of your favorite cake...sit quietly and just enjoy!