Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IF Gesture

Bear is sooo happy to be able to assist bunny in his berry picking. They have plans to have a picnic in the woods later on in the day. I used this little bear again in my illo as I hope to have a lot of paintings to gather together and make a book out of. Sorry I didn't think of it sooner I would be finished by now. Summer is in full swing here in Manhattan Beach. My Daughter in law has some of her family from Brazil visiting for a time. It is funny how even if we don't speak the same verbal language we still can understand each other. Im always interested in what goes on in other countries and what they do everyday and what wonderful foods they have. We picked up the recipe for the Brazilian cheese balls that we love. One of my Nieces is living in Brazil for the summer so my Sister wanted to make them when she gets home. Funny I like the dough almost better than the finished product. I know the raw eggs aren't good for you,but I can't help myself. I come from a long line of batter and dough family. My Grandmother liked to tell the story of when she first got married at 16years old, one of the first things she did was to bake a cake. She ate most of the batter as her Mother forbid her from doing so when she was at home. So when she was on her own and she could do just that and jumped at the chance. She always made the best pies, and of course the pie dough was even better. Bread dough gotta love the yeast flavor of it...oh no!!!! TMI (to much information.)...sorry you don't need to know how silly I can be...or do you? ...Well time is a flying by today and I haven't gotten much done so here's wishing you a wonderful day....maybe I'll make a cake...or a pie....tee hee...yum, yum!


  1. I almost forgot about the berries after all the talk about dough :) This is darling :]

  2. I would so like to go back down your blog and see all the Illustration Friday images you've done posted with the text about them.
    Could you possibly post the image within the post with the text, so that it stays in position after you change your blog header image?
    You add an image to a post in the editing window by clicking the little icon that looks like a postcard.
    Clicking the post title once it is on your blog puts the static URL into the browser window, and that is the link you copy and share with Illustration friday. (Sorry if you already know this.)