Sunday, July 10, 2011

IF Stay

In this picture the woman has decided that she no longer could stay in the dark woods. She take hold of the colorful flower that promises her light! So many of us are or have been in situations that we need to make a change. If you are like me I always need a nudge to help me to make the change needed. I am usually happy once I find the courage to do what I need to do. But coming to that decision is really hard for me. I'm lucky enough that life has guided me along and presented me with choices along the way. I admit to not always making the right ones but I have always taken responsibility for my choices. It is hard to always listen to the little voice in my head but once I know it is best I charge ahead. Life is so interesting and sometimes is comes full circle when we don't even know it. My Daughter in Law took a job designing costumes for the Oprah company in L.A.. She has worked hard and has done a beautiful job. The Oprah took place at the Santa Monica Woman's club. I laughed when I heard this. When I was 6 or 7 years old my Grandmother was a book keeper for the club and I often went to work with her. It has a stage with a balcony and I remembered playing in this room and exploring the club while my Grandmother worked. Who would have thought my Son and his Wife would be attending a function there more or less being in the room I explored as a child. My kids went to the same school as I and their Father attended. We have walked over each others steps many times. I hope they walk over my good steps and have a wonderful life. I wish for all of you the innate wisdom to know when it is best not to stay and do so with the knowledge they are doing the right thing.... beautiful day...sun is out...slight wind...listing to the water bubbling in my little pond and just being thankful for the moment. I have a plant I call a Wax plant. It has big waxy leaves and bunches of pink flowers that look like wax. My parents had one when I was small and I saved two from a garage sale. They are happy and blooming now. I enjoy these flowers sooooo much. Just thought I share that with you...!