Friday, January 28, 2011

Surrender to Love?

This little girl has jumped on the wings of love and is flying off to the unknown. Love is unknown. I have been in love many times and continue to fall in love everyday! It is not the couples love but the love of moments, things and animals and children. The love I felt and still feel for my Granddaughters is unlike any other. They are MY children once removed but in my soul they are as much mine as they are their parents. I would die for them and everyday try to make their life better in anyway I can. Love for things is so different not permanent and on a different level. I love the instant feeling some of my collectibles give me. They open a door of imagination about where they came from and if they could talk what they could say. They are pretty but sometimes I tire of them and hide them away for a while. The love for my animals is hard to describe to someone if they don't feel the same about the little critters as I do. My animals ask just for the basics, never question me and always want to please me, well as much as cats can do what you want them to. I have had many cats in my life and at one time had 6. Only 2 were ask to live with us and the rest just moved in for various reasons. They are so loving and special it would be hard for me to imagine my life without a cat in it. So many loves, all different and all still changing as I get older. I think I feel love a bit more deeply as my time on this planet shortens. I strive to enjoy all loves as intensely as I can. I like to think unlike this wide eyed girl in my drawing I was never afraid to Surrender to love. Of course doing this has left me with bits and pieces missing from my heart. But so those of you that are afraid to surrender, go ahead but use your head as well as your heart and enjoy every moment as it goes by very fast!