Monday, January 17, 2011


I spied this Chicken in a magazine from England. I thought she was beautiful and I loved her outlined feathers. I decided that being so beautiful she must lay colorful eggs, so colorful they are. I think chickens are pretty great creatures and wish we could have them running through our backyard. But not in this city and besides the Racoon's that party at my house would so enjoy a chicken dinner. I love the creatures here and offer them freely food and shelter as needed. Our city has grown so much there is no place for the wild creatures to live any more. There were fields and space many years ago but with the building that has gone on that space has disappeared. Often people complain about the animals and I stand firmly that WE have taken their space and should make allowances for them. I think we still have enough wild and wonderful yards to do them just fine. I did cringe when after 3 years of protecting my gold fish that had grown to be large and plump, became dinner one spring night. But on the whole we coexist very well....My Sister and family were down this weekend and we enjoyed their company and laughed a lot. My oldest Niece is home from MIT with her Brazilian boyfriend she met in Brazil last summer. He is really nice and since my Son married a wonderful girl from ,where else? but Brazil it is fun. I tease my Daughter-in-law that the Brazilians have a plot to take over Southern California. Four or five of my Son's friends from high school have married girls from there. I love listening to Portuguese and find it a delightful sounding language... Today feels like Summer and I have the french doors flung open to catch the breeze and help the windchimes to make their music.....Here lately we don't know how to dress, it is raining hard and cold one day and the next day is warm and sunny.....bought new ink to print my valentines cards for a store I sell to near by and the ink won't print RED...makes me unhappy and will have to run to return it and get a new one. I always think when things don't go quite right it is to remind me to S L O W....down and don't always be in such a hurry. So I am S L O W I N G down and enjoying the moment...I will sit in the Sun a while....sniff...the breeze....and put one foot in front of the other........


  1. What a glorious chicken - I love the vibrant colors!

    (I could use some of that sunshine you speak of!)

  2. The feathers are awesome. And, as I use a ladybug as my avatar all over the web, I especially like your ladybugs! :)

  3. Lovely the flowers too!