Monday, January 3, 2011


It has always fascinated me how we humans get up each morning and put one foot in front of the other and carry on. I find it hard sometimes to want to do just that. And then I remember others have physical and metal burdens to deal with and I find the energy to carry on. Getting along with everyone has never been a problem for me. But now as I get older I'm able to step back and really watch others as they try to manipulate their way through life. Most of the ones I know that want to control others actually have and have had no control in their lives. They are not happy when they hear the word NO....what did you say? I imagine they are thinking.... I don't respond to NO...they are thinking. I have never wanted to control anyone else but myself and don't always do a good job of that. So watching these control freaks has been eye opening on many levels. I feel sad at their disappointment when they don't get their way and wish I could make their lives happier, but I know that happiness comes from inside of ourselves. I want so much for others to be happy with all the blessings they have been given and savor each day as if it was their last. Loosing my Father when he was 60 was hard on me. I loved him so but we had no regrets between each other. All words were said and as much as I would loved to have him here to share my life and see his great Grand kids I knew it was his time. Its funny each of the Great grand kids have seen my Father in one way or the other. Each event was subtle and seemed just matter of fact to the kids. All of the adults have just smiled and knew it was just as it was. He is remembered everyday and is strong in our memories. He lived his life to the fullest and I hope I'm doing the same. So I will TRY to understand and be better in watching the different ones in my life....names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent....carry on humans just one foot in front of the other.....and forward we go............


  1. I totally agree with u on that one! I simply love your characters, they are so adorable.

  2. This is so wonderful! What a beautiful post and wonderful illustration.

    I wanted to pay tribute to your blog because I think what you do is wonderful!


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