Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's raining here in Sunny California!

I woke up to rain this morning and the feeling that winter just might be on it's way. I enjoy the changes of the seasons so this is good. My plants in the back yard really need some water and this will save me the task of watering, but I really enjoy the time outside. ...This Cat card was created by tearing construction paper in various shapes and drawing and cutting out the actual character. I really had fun tearing and cutting and gluing, reminding me I need to do just that more often. Things have been fairly quiet in my life. The natural changes of life continue and many deep breathes are taken in trying not to fight life but instead "go with the flow". Not to be a wisp of a person but knowing when and how to become involved. I remind my oldest Granddaughter to try to remember not everything she has to say should be said out loud to everyone. Some thoughts are best left to herself and not the general public. She knows its important to be heard but sometimes gets herself into trouble when talking back to her parents. Boy this life thing is backwards. I have always thought that we should be parents before we are children.... I know that won't happen and maybe be should listen to those who have gone before us...but that won't happen I guess that leaves us with the learning experience of life.... and me wanting to cut and paste has always worked and maybe a trip with this Cat of mine to's been years since I have been there and it is a lovely island ....who knows..........

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  1. Love this cat, so much personality! I admit to some confusion in this blog's setup, as the cat picture seems to be your header, but actually goes with this post? Granted, I am no expert. ;)

    But really, I love the colors and the way this giant cat takes up most of the frame! Love the pink lifesaver thing. Looking at some of your other stuff, you have a really great style.