Monday, December 13, 2010


IF's prompt this week is Phenomenon. I had always thought Love was just that. But Mother love is truly a wonderful Phenomenon! I remember back in my design class at school our teacher did mostly lecturing and mentioned that there was no other love like a Mother has for her child. I was 18 and I thought at the time I was truly "in love" with my boyfriend and pushed aside his words as just silly, how could I be more in love? Well a few years later I found out just what he was talking about! When my Daughter was born I was head over heals, Mother animal protector love for her. From the moment I saw her and held her in my arms I was a goner. Nothing was ever, if I could help it hurt her or make her unhappy. Well that was silly, we need some emotions in our life and disappointment and some unhappiness make us better people. She is now a grown woman and I still crazy in Love with her and her brother, born a few years later. It is indescribable and will always be the most wonderful part of my life. I enjoy the time I have here on this Earth and try to make the best of all things that happen to me and my family. Ups and downs I find the love I feel for my Daughter and my Son and now my Grand kids indescribable. Of course I do Love my Mother and Sister and nieces but it is different! I don't have to explain it to anyone that has Children or to Fathers that feel the same way but I can't speak for those special Men. So I keep that love in my back pocket as I travel this journey. It gives me roots and a warm feeling deep in my soul. So here's HUGS all around and especially to those that haven't yet experienced that ultimate LOVE....yes it is true my teacher was right!


  1. very sweet :) And as a new mom I agree!

  2. I can feel the maternal love in your illustration! Fantastic post Penny!