Monday, December 6, 2010

Here is my newest post for Illustration Friday. Prehistoric is the topic and I designed this little dinosaur with bright and beautiful colors. He is an up to date animal even though he is a dinosaur. That is what I try to be as I age. Up to date, sometimes it is hard when aches and pains hit and you would rather stay home and draw than attend a function. I sometimes feel been there done that is my answer but then I have to remember that it is new to my Grand kids and they deserve a Grandmother that is fun and eager to do things with them. That is when I feel ashamed and grouchy.So like this little Dinosaur I will be colorful and fun and smile even when I am dreaming of my comfy bed waiting for me. I know that isn't being in the moment and enjoying everything the best I can....But sometime I can even be tired and sometimes I can wish to remain home. But I try to not do it to many times as if they get used to me not being with them they won't care! So as the Holiday festivities start I will put on my best mood and stop and remember how fast life goes by. And remember that it just seemed like yesterday that my kids were little and I was doing the same thing. I will will also be thankful that I can attend these things and really, really be happy for these little moments in time as THEY really do past by FAST!


  1. Great design on this guy, looks like he's frolicking!

  2. I like how he's so bright and happy. Maybe he'll help me forget aches and pains too?