Friday, November 19, 2010

Surgery was a success!

I just wanted to let those who were so nice to comment on my Mother's eye surgery that she did fine. She was a bit confused as she is always, but came through with flying color.s Off to the Doctors for a follow up visit and then she can take it easy for a while. Glasses are next and then I have done all I can to make her site better. She used to paint and draw but hasn't for some time. I hope now that she can see better she will be inspired to get back into creating. It is hard for her as most of her friends have passed away. And she was never a self starter so it is harder than ever to get her inspired. I totally understand as many days I have to talk myself into doing some things. Mostly housework...that is a dirty word as far as I'm concerned! I start to do things but then I glance at my workspace and geeee why not, I can take some time to create something, it won't take long....tee hee and you know the rest! I now have IF topic Sneaky in my head so no time for housework....always something, kinda like loosing weight....I don't think about it until I need to swim or hot tub it.....not a pretty site. But in the long run I'm just glad all my parts are working and I'm thankful everyday for them fat or not!!!! Have a great weekend sucess

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